2010 Girls World Street Rankings

What an incredible year it has been!! The female skate scene really exploded in 2010 and there is so much to be proud of:

– a huge rise in participation (both at the grass roots and professional level)
– a big increase in the number of events around the world (competitions and tours)
– a definite improvement in the prize money for ladies (although still further to go in our opinion)
– more companies than ever before sponsoring female riders (although again it would be nice to see this appear as financial rather than product a bit more often)
– an impressive increase in coverage and marketing of girls events (although a lot of this has been driven within the scene)
– and perhaps most importantly another giant stride in terms of the skate skills on display; such alot of progression and such a lot of talent

With that last point in mind, below are the 2010 World Cup Skateboarding Rankings for girls street discipline. All of these girls are absolutely raising the bar and pushing themselves and each other harder than ever before – we salute you.

What were the highlights for you?

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  3. Lotta

    We’ve had a lot of feedback on this post, so thought I’d share a few more thoughts:

    Whilst 2010 was a really successful year – alot of this has been driven from within the scene itself – meaning that it’s skaters themselves who are pushing things forward – with relatively little help from the wider industry – which is a bit of a shame. Examples? Lois (Pendlebury) setting up the UK Series, Jenna (Selby) continuing the Girls Jam and producing a film, the girls from No Limits and Skirtboarders organising their Canada-Sweden tour, the girls on sites like SkaterGirl, GRO, Asiplanchaba, Side Project and many others (see right column) providing the daily coverage which only then is picked up by the larger sites, Lisa (Whitaker) creating the Girls Skateboarding Network, Imke (Lerink) setting up the Amsterdam and Ladybird sessions, Danni (Gallagher) setting up the christmas skate camp, Sam (Bruce) and others setting up the Ladies Monthly sessions, the girls from Girls Assault setting up loads of Argentina events, and I am only naming a few – the list goes on and on, all around the world…

    So I think that yes it’s a bit sad that there hasn’t been more support from the industry (it is a 2.5 billion dollar industry after all), but it’s actually very positive that things have come so far – and best of all – us girls in the scene have the control and power to shape it how we want.

    As the girls skate scene is really hitting the mainstream radar for the first time, there will almost certainly be pressure in 2011 from companies and organisations looking to muscle-in in some way – now that there is potential for them to make money from selling products, games, clothing or through events and advertising etc. It will be important to remember that it is they who need us, rather than us who need them – and therefore keep the girls skate scene growing in the wonderful way it currently is.

    More soon.

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