Companies That Support Girls Skateboarding

A month or so ago, I was reading an interesting article from Stark Raving Madeleine called ‘Can A Girl Get A Break?’ Basically it discussed some of the challenges within the girls skate scene – including lack of support for riders and competitions, aswell as an apparent disregard towards the female market in general. Excert below:

“…female skateboarders have it especially rough this summer. While there has been a bevy of bikini-clad surfer girls and super-cool snowboard ladies trotted out to appease us, companies have quietly cancelled women’s skateboard events (which rarely got media attention anyway, so hardly anyone will even notice…) and it’s recently been reported that Vans is ending their 20-year relationship with legendary skateboarder Cara-Beth Burnside… So what can we do? … We can cry “unfair” and blog until we’re blue in the face about the poor little girls with nothing but Barbie to inspire them, but it won’t change a thing. CEO’s don’t care about fairness and they don’t care about the self-esteem of our little girls, they care about dollars and market share and return on investment… If nothing can change a business mind except business… we’ve got one option. Stop buying their products and when they realize that we are an important percentage of their market, wait for them to court us back…”

Out of interest, we thought it would be interesting to start listing the companies that we and you feel are good for girls skateboarding. Just leave a comment on our facebook page beneath this post, saying the name of the company you like and a few words on why it’s good. Should make for some very interesting research and we’ll talk about it more in a months time or so…

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    Vans doesn’t support girls skateboarding!?!?!? Oh my gosh, I’m completely horrified. I can’t believe I actually wanted to be sponsored by them. And I’ve spent so much money on buying their shoes and clothes, what a waste! :(

    Maybe in the future Vans will change their minds and sponsor girls again?

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