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An interesting article from Brazillian newspaper Estadao talks about the challenges of girls succeeding and making a living in skateboarding. You can read the full article here but below is their opening paragraph:

Passionate about the sport that is winning new devotees, these girls spend more on decks, trucks and wheels than on clothes. Go to California and be star, as sings Lulu Santos, is the dream of the girls who skateboard. But few manage to stand out on the international scene, two exceptions being world champion Karen Jonz vert skating and, more recently, the champion ranked WCSk8 (World Cup Skateboarding), Leticia Bufoni who is just 17 years old.

At the end of the article there were also some interesting figures on the size of girls skateboarding in Brazil:

According to Ed Scander who is Sports Director at Confederação Brasileira de Skate (CCBK), the number of women in skateboarding has been growing in recent years. “A survey done in 2009 shows that are 385 thousand girls across the country. In 2002, women accounted for 6%; in 2006, 7%, reaching 10% in 2010, a total of 3.8 million practitioners.”

SkaterGirl has a number of other articles coming soon that will discuss why given these large and ever increasing numbers of female skaters, it is still so hard for girls to make a living. Please share your thoughts until then…

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