All Girl Skate Jam 1998

In 1998 Patty Segovia created the annual All Girl Skate Jam, the first all girl skateboard event with a prize purse for the girls. Its inclusive philosophy was reflected in its motto : “All ages, all abilities, all girls.”

The AGSJ now tours nationally and internationally, uniting pro and amateur girls from around the world to skate competitively and have fun. Events have since been run from the North Shore of Oahu to San Sebastion, Spain.

On September 12th 1998, the All Girl Skate Jam went down at the Escondido Sports Center (Vans-Union Bay) in San Diego, California. Here are the results from that piece of history, you’ll recognise a few names:

Ellissa Steamer 1st
Jamie Reyes 2nd
Cindy Gorset 3rd
Jessie Van 4th
Lisa Whitaker 5th
Faye Jaime 6th
Heidi Fitzgerald 7th
Jessica Krauss 8th

Cara-Beth Burnside 1st
Jen O’Brien 2nd
Jodi McDonald 3rd
Candy Kramer 4th
Wendy Wilhoite 5th

Cara-Beth Burnside 1st
Lindsi Thompson 2nd
Heidi Fitzgerald 3rd
Hudson 4th
Fay Jaime 5th
Cindy Gorset 6th
Aria Smith 7th

Lindsi Thompson 1st
Louise Hénault-Ethier 2nd
Nicole Morgan 3rd
Emma K Loveday 4th
Bethany Andreen 5th
Star of Peace Quinn 6th
Charmaine Hunter 7th
Chaen Owen 8th
Tiffany Morgan 9th
Tanya Golden 10th

Lindsi Thompson 1st
Lisa Wietzke 2nd
Heidi Fitzgerald 3rd
Star Of Peace Quinn 4th
Louise Hénault-Ethier 5th
Charmaine Hunter 6th
Bethany Andreen 7th
Liz Brandenburg 8th

Louise Hénault-Ethier 1st
Ashley Mull 2nd
Cassie Brown 3rd
Michelle Page 4th
Melissa Dafnos 5th
Michelle Pazel 6th
Athenea Gray 7th
Bethany Andreen 8th
Star of Peace Quinn 9th
Liz Brandenburg 10th

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