All Girl Skate Jam 2001 (Florida)

Winner of Street and Best Trick comp, Vanessa Torres (14) reports to XGirlSport on the 2001 All Girl Skate Jam in Florida on March 25th.

…the most exciting part about the whole thing was hearing my score 999 from the voices of the judges. it was the best run that whole day it was so rad! i sorta got butterflies but i knew inside that i had my run down for the contest and i was all set. the 4 tricks i did were for the best trick contest. i landed a smith, lipslide, and a crooked grind across the rail on the pyramid. the 4th trick i pulled was a huge 50-50 to 180′ out on a 2 foot high ledge in the beginning and at the end of the ledge there was a drop that was like 2 feet taller than i was. so it was a long drop to be exact i had been working on those tricks the day before the big contest. i was the only one that was pulling those tricks the whole time i was there. if i was to give advice about learning these tricks i would say find someone thats close to u and could teach u them. when u get the hang of it keep practicing till u get them down. there was a chik named stephanie who rides for hurley international. she was tearing it all up w/her amazing frontside flips. i liked the skatepark a lot because it had a novice course then an intermidiate course then an advanced course it was awesome. i think its best feature was the flat rail that i did the best tricks on. i had a whole day to practice my run for the contest it was free skate for all the girl riders. i warmed up and put together my run by doing the tricks i felt comfortable w/and knew i could land. i absolutely love florida and if i can go back real soon put me on a plane and send me! we were going to go snorkling but in the end we realized we weren’t going to have enough time to. i will be going to new york in july for the next stop of the agsj! Thank you to Hurley, Gallaz Shoes,, Grind King Truck Co., Coca-Cola Street Team, & Pro-Tec Equipment!

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