All Justyce Tabor Wants To Do Is Skate

Thanks to Bubbles for sending us a link to this newspaper story that appeared in the Seaside Signal. It’s an amazing interview with North West rider Justyce Tabor, her parents and other industry people about the state of the girls skate scene and the obstacles in place. Excerts below but please read full article here.

“…the 15-year old Seaside girl is now ranked as a professional skateboarder, but her dream to compete in the X Games, the superbowl of skateboarding, is now threatened. Tabor said the slowed economy and a new twist, the X Games organizers dropping female skateboarding competition in the Games, has her so concerned she will travel to the X Games being held at the Staple Center in Los Angeles July 29 – 31. “The organizers have said that girls don’t bring interest to the Games anymore, they are stale, they aren’t pretty and they are no longer marketable,” said Justyce’s mother, Brandi Tabor. “That’s B.S.,” said Justyce. “To skate at the X Games is what I have been working for my entire skating career. I am going to keep fighting. We are progressing everyday. The Game organizers just don’t see that progression. Even when I am old I will be working to have them recognize us.”

Photo (c) JEllis

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    stefani n

    OH MY GOD!!!!! i literally cant believe that is an official statement from the organizer. since when has talent and hard work had anything to do with how attractive you are! DISGUSTED over here…

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