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Anna Kruse is an 18yr old skateboarder from Germany. She has a load of sponsors, including Vans, Morphium Skateboards, Dogtown Skateshop and Playground Skatehall.
Here is a little bio from Anna herself, about what she’s been upto and plans for next year…

“I am Anna Kruse, 18 years old and living in Aurich, which is located at the north-west coast of Germany.
At the moment I’m still going to school and hopefully will be finished with my A-Levels in May 2010.
They will be followed by a lot of travelling to Africa, India, Greece, America and a little bit in Europe. When I’m not sitting in school, I am skating in our “Playground Skatehall” which is the biggest in Germany.
Also I love to photograph with film and develop them in my own little labour.
After school and a bit of skating and travelling I would love to study photo documentary and get a job at a nice magazine.
But in any case I want to skate till my body won’t let me anymore.

Anna has her own website which includes more skate photos, her blog and her photography. This can be found over on

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