Art On Grip

Do you know ‘Art on grip’??

Do you ever draw on your deck tape by yourself?

‘Art on grip’ has already been printed on a deck tape.

There are  many types of design!!

The company is based in Los Angeles and they are the only company in the world that sells printed deck tape.

Even cooler is that the deck tape is now offered at the Super Girls Jam 2010.

and then

Yukiko ‘mic’ Murayama got a new sponser from them!

Congratulation mic!!(mic’s blog)

It's 'Free style' of skate!! cool!!

She goes to Philadelphia in america this month.

She is going to participate on a skate contest at philly.

Have fun!! and Take it easy!!

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    Hi danni!!
    your grip is ‘chou kawaii’!!!!
    soooo cute!!!!!

    and I checked your site.
    your picture is so nice!!!
    I like your picture!!!

    Paint boarding is interesting!!!

    oneday,I wanna meet you:)



    I found email address on your site.
    I’ll mail you!!


    I’m just a skater in japan! hahaha
    I have a blogpage. (It’s boring!lol)
    I’ll mail you on your site:) 日本語で(笑)

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