GirlieCamps: Berlin 30th June – 4th July

Want to learn to ride a skateboard? Want to get better? Or just wanna rip it in the parks and ramps? Come and join us, skate and enjoy.

If you are a beginner you will learn the basics of skateboarding or improve your level and style of your tricks. If you are more advanced you´ll get the chance to max it out.

You will get the chance to ride with pro riders and skate girls like Marina Minetti and skate in Europe’s best skate halls. To complete your skateboarding experience we offer several side activities in the evenings and we will make sure that you get an insight of the skateboarding scene!


Citystay Hostel Mitte. You can read more about Citystay here. Usually the rroms are shared with one, or a few, old and new friends.

Take a look at this video of skate camp in Berlin, featuring Anna Kruse, Steffi Weiss, Sabrina Goeggel ,winner of last years NASS competition!

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