BMX Skatepark Etiquette

A super old article from 2009 (thanks to Transworld Ride BMX Mag) but the info in it is spot on and as true today as it ever was. We’ve summarised their “10 Things Not To Do At A Skatepark” but head over to here to read the full thing. Well worth it and its pretty funny too (because its true).

1) Don’t be a snake
2) Don’t take marathon runs
3) Don’t ask a million questions
4) Don’t use the flat bottom to learn 180’s
5) Don’t be a jerk to the young kids
6) Don’t be a one-upper
7) Don’t disrespect the locals
8) Don’t sit on the ledges
9) Don’t vibe the skaters
10) Don’t be afraid to apologise

learn 180s here fat tony transworld

Photo (c) Fat Tony \ Ride BMX

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