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tony hawk rideThe lovely people over at Activision have sent us some info about the upcoming Tony Hawk: Ride game for the Wii. Hopefully everyone’s enjoyed the fun craziness that comes from shaking a Wii controller at your TV screen as you battle zombies or enjoy a mellow round of golf – well this game takes it to the next level and actually puts you on top of a giant skateboard shaped controller – let the fun commence!!! Oh and did we mention you can play as either Lyn-Z Adams or Cara Beth. Do them proud.


“Taking gaming to the next level, Tony Hawk:Ride is a skateboarding video game that lets you stand on an actual board. No complex buttons to press or fiddly analogue sticks to flick – just step on and ride.

Tony Hawk:Ride comes with an exclusive wireless skateboard deck, kitted out with a whole load of motion sensors that help bring the experience of skateboarding to life. 

By tilting, spinning and lifting the board, you can push, turn, ollie, flip, grind and grab right from the comfort of your own home. It’s something Tony Hawk himself has wanted to do for a long time. But you won’t need the skills of the Birdman to play. With three different skill levels and masses of tricks, vert and speed challenged, Tony Hawk:Ride is a complete skateboarding experience for both the hardcore  pro and total newbie alike.’

You can become a fan of the game at and pre-order the game at before it’s release on 4th December.”

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