Competition: Win Gumball 3000 threads

We are on an absolute roll here, so let’s keep the competitions going and next up we’ve got our latest sponsor Gumball 3000. For those of you who have been living under a rock, the brand is best known for the crazy brilliant car rally they put on every year – with the likes of Tony Hawk, Mike ‘Rooftop’ Escamilla, Duane Peters, Dave Mirra, Trigger Gumm, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, and many more skateboarders and action sports stars on the rally this year.

So to win some funky Gumball clothing, just tell us how you would decorate your car for a major cross-country roadtrip?

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    Big daisies down the side, coloured fake lillies covering the dash (sounds cheap but very cool!), a huge shiny surfboard mounted to the roof, and the finishing touch would be me in it!!!


    As I drive a Toyota, I would make it Japanese themed with Japanese prints pasted on to the frames on the interior and exterior of the car. I would have a little Bonsai on the dashboard and perhaps a few mini-lanterns :)

    Wendy Davison

    Mine would be covered in fake grass…just so I could ‘blend’… I would also have a few funky flowers and a small tree on board…just to get the feel of thngs…maybe a cow, too!


    decalls of all my buddies wearing shades so I could take them all with me as it would be impossible to fit them all inside
    Cooler than Penelope Pitstop in the Wacky Racers


    I would decorate my car myself, get all my mates to comeover and spash loads of different colours of paint all over it, apart from making the car look awesome it waould be really fun too :)

    Maria Reilly

    I would decorate the car with a scene from Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze missing his top. Sure it may be corny or even cheesy – but i would have something pretty hot to look at the whole way!

    Christina Curtis

    My car would be sprayed up Blue & Black. Covered in South Central Cruisers decals as its my local club and i would want to represent my group whilst on the road!!

    Laura Hadland

    I would make my car invisible through the means of camouflage colours of spray paint, so that we could go cross country and off road without the law interfering and pass toll booths scot free! Genius.

    Nevine El-Alfy

    How are you supposed to paint a Citroen Xsara Picasso and make it look kewl enough for a road trip? I’d have to paint it bright yellow and have purple circles all over it – it would definately catch the eye!

    laura cope

    I would paint mine Pink with penelope pitstop painted on the bonnnet looing as glamourous as me and a picture picture of wacky races mutley on the sides. Perfect.

    Hannah Emerson

    I would get creative , and paint splatter it so it stands out . I would then a checker board print on the front of the car , so when we stop and want a break from driving we can have a wee game of checkers >_< . I would also add a huge water gun sticking out the top of the car to squirt passers by .. RAGE !


    An old raggedy spacious van with the back seats taken out. A nice comfy mattress in the back instead with tons of blankets and pillows. Lucky elf charm hanging in the mirror and my best friend riding shotgun. :)

    DawnLouise Millmoor

    I don’t have a car of my own to decorate – and I would imagine if I attempted to decorate my hubbys car in any way then a divorce would be filed!!

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