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Izzy15The lovely Michelle from Nikita has flowed an amazing reversible hoodie and awesome backpack from their new streetwear collection. We absolutely love Nikita and all you have to do to get your hands on one of these goodies is answer us this:

What country would you most love to visit and why? (and money’s no object!!!)

The best answer will win the hoodie and the second best will get the ruck sack. (both pictured above)

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    Alisha Burton


    Love to go to the casinos, also, there are TONS of sk8 parks in the area. There are wicked celebs who visit Vegas on tours etc. There is never a day when you can get bored, besides, What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas. Thats me, i go to Vegas, I stay in las vegas!


    I would be all excited to travel to Brazil. I was there last summer and I had immediately fallen in love with this wonderful, multifarious land. the people with their special way of life, to appreciate and enjoy every day; and their loving, honest and helpful modality. You can also find fantastically beautiful beaches on the coast of Brazil. Dreaming of the good waves and after surfing a fresh watermelon. This is about the best day in the surfing season. In all different facets of Brazil dwells a magic force.

    Anna-Karin Nilsson

    I would love to go to the very southern part of Chile, a place called ushuaia where my boyfriend is filming heli skiing at moment to surprise him! I have been told that it is very un touristic there as well as incredible beautiful!! Please make my dream come true. Skiing areas there that no one has skied before would be amazing…

    Teresa Muck

    I’d love to visit Iceland.
    The imagination that I could go snowboarding all the time would be great.
    In addition to, I’m verry interested in fashion design and at the moment I’m visinting a fashion design workshop, our task was pretending to work for our favorite label and design a winter collection.
    So I choose NIKITA and the idea came to my mind to ask NIKITA wheather I could do an internship the summer next year and visit Iceland when I’m ready with school.
    I don’t know wheather it would work but it would be the gratest experience of my life.
    It would be everything important and what I’d love to do in one thing!!!

    Lindy B

    South Africa!

    I have been travelling in the States for almost 3 years now and its definitely time for a trip home!



    I would actually love to live in North Pole. OK,’s souuuu cold there, but just’s winter comming, and whats better than powder all the time, and snow wherever you want..ouuuuuu..BEAUTIFUL

    You aks: what about skateboarding? Nikita girl..heheee :D I will built a funny house with my own indoor skatepark, and also plant so palms near the pool inside :D Havent seen these wonderful pictures with skatepark in the kitchen yet? :D


    New Zealand would be the ultimate place for me. Not only have I watched some of the sickest boarding videos and amazing camera shots from this place, but it is so remote compared to the rest of the world. I feel like the sunset would be ten times stronger to throw sick tricks on. Just the atmosphere of how intense the best snowboarders have been over there is the only reason I would go scope that out. Beauty and good times, what every girl is and needs!!

  8. hidden@email.address'

    amazing prize – hope i get the hoodie – a friend of mine has a reversible one – but she paid £60 for it – ha ha!!

    I’d love to go to France and just eat lots of lush bread and cheese!!

    Andrea Macaya

    I would like to go to India.
    It´s a very big country with beatiful places to discover.I think about having a bath in Ganges and capture with my camera the differeces between budist culture and hinduist culture..Two things happen when you visit India,you can fall in love with her or otherwise..detest her.


    I would really like to go to Canada
    I have been there 3 years ago.
    Its sooooo beautiful…the Rockie Mountains especially
    If u havent been there u really have to go!!!
    Just imagine skateboarding in banff in summer with the rockies in the background, the sun smoothly burnig your skin.
    Or snowboarding the Rockies in Jasper in winter riding throw lots of powder!
    Its such an experience you wont ever forget!!!!


    I would go everywhere!…but since i can only pick one i would say Scotland. I grew up there and i now live in England. Scotland is my home and i would very much like to go back and visit my old haunts, see my old friends, sit by a campfire on the bonny banks of Loch Lomand, climb a few mountains and bask in it’s wonder. I left Scotland when i was 8, 9 years ago, and whenever i go back it gets harder to leave. so since money is no object, i would stay there until i managed to do everything i could XD


    Norway, hands down.
    2 of my favorite riders come from there. Mikkel Bang, a guys who has been making a name for himself in the Xgames and Dew Tour. He always talks about his home mountain in Norway in interviews, and that first got me interested in the country. Also, JP Solberg, who spanned out and collaborated with another rider to create a SICK new snowboard brand YES WE CAN.
    Plus, both of them are just good looking, stylish, steezy riders. I plan to at least visit Norway and ride the Norwegian pow one day, but living there would be a dream come true.


    Tricks 4 Treats, a skateboarding Halloween event in Brooklyn’s Park Slope, featuring girl skaters! Oct 31 12‐4pm in Washington Park (5th St / 5th Ave)
    …..have all the details now fairy God mother get me to the ball park on time!!!
    failing that the hoodie or back pack would be a super consolation

    Laura Sanderson

    I would live to visit the Ukraine and learn all about the Orange revolution! As a country which is only just opening up to Tourism I think it would be incredibly interesting!

    Joss Winter

    i really want to live in Australia, espically in a quite rural place not like sydney or somewhere. I love surfing and also wildlife so therefore Austrlia would be the perfect place to follow my dreams! I would also like to learn about the Aboriginals and visit cave paintings!

    Tilly Johnson

    I would love to visit the Amazon rainforest and see some of the worlds natural beauty before it all gets destroyed. All the animals and beautiful plants would be so lovely to visit. Also i would really like to go on a trip down the Amazon’s river’s and see the Manatees as there are one of the world’s most endangered species.


    Liechtenstein – mostly because, well, it’s there and I haven’t been yet. Plus you can get some riding done there in season, which is a pretty sweet bonus.


    I’d love to visit Hawaii, The whole ambience and exotic nature of the island appeals to me. Can you imagine getting traditional lais and seeing a real hula dance.

    Claire slater

    I would love to go to Papua new guinea and explore its pristine rainforests befoe they disappear. I would also love to see all the rare wildlife and the unique local tribes people. If i dont go soon then i may miss out all together as the place is beeing used for lantations and logging and the rare special habitat is being destroyed.


    I would loooove to got to New Zealand! Why?
    I love snowboarding
    – and New Zealand offers loads of awesome possibilities to shred your ass of
    I love surfing
    – and New Zealand still has uncrowded beaches and of course nice waves –> perfect!
    I love whales
    – and the dream of my life is to watch them, which you can do in New Zealand –> seeing this huge kings of the sea, feeling as tiny as never before, almost don’t believing that mother nature is able to create such impressing creatures, breathtaking!

    apart from this reasons New Zealand means almost all kinds of vegetation zones in one country, animals and plants that I’ve not seen yet live and of course (as I’ve heard from hundrets of people): nice, out-going people!

    New Zealand – I like!

    Sarah Whittington

    I would love to visit the
    Antarctica,cold I know but imagine the beauty you will see with your eyes.I would also do a bit of penguin spotting while watching the whales swimming freely in the wide open ocean!


    I also want to travel and my dream country is Turkey. I think there are a lot of beautiful landscapes, hot sun and so on. That’s why i want to visit this beautiful country. The other beautiful place is the Seychelles. I think there is real corner of paradise.


    Italy – Tuscany to see Florence, Piza, Sienna and Venice. Hot sun, beautiful buildings, melodic language, culture and history. Long lingering meals.I would also love to visit the Tuscan country side and rent a small cottage and soak in the atmosphere.

    Gabrielle Crawford

    Helsinki, Finland! Would just love to go skating on the ice in the harbour in winter, And enjoy the mid-summers night where the sun stays up all day and night!!!

    Zoe Homes

    Oh wow what a question! So many places… so little money!

    I reckon the place with the most diversity and the most to offer me would be New Zealand. My dream is to tour in a hired Camper Van and take part in all the activities NZ has to offer from snowboarding to surfing to hiking and everything inbetween. It would be an amazing trip – I really hope I can fulfil make my dream a reality one day.

    Why a Camper Van I hear you ask?! Well it’s either that or a Harley but I’m planning on Touring Central America on a Harley and I don’t want to do the same thing twice! To me Campers fit with the NZ touring lifestyle.


    I would love to go to my home country the Philippines! because as people may or may not know that place is going to all flood in a couple years because lately there have been massive floods and storms devouring the towns, I just wanna see it for the last time because i may never see my birthplace again, also the beaches are amazing! white side on aqua see trough blue, it’s seriously goregeous. And there is this place, called Camarina Sur, and it’s the wakeboarding capital of asia! to me, the world! it’s brilliant, there is also a huge skatepark there which i seriously am dying to go to. So the Philippines is the place that will always be in my heart,ahhaha, lovey-dovey but true.

    Catherine Miller

    New Zealand! Went there on travels but only for three weeks and it was definately not long enough. So want to go back there and travel round and partake in some more extreme sports!

    Maria Reilly

    New Zealand – Awesome scenery and loads of caves and lake trips to discover remote parts of the island. It also has a very interesting history and activities for tourists.

    Danielle Graves

    I would love to go to Australia.

    Firstly because I have family out there who I miss and would love to see. Secondly because I want to go snorkeling and seeing the barrier reed, taking a helicopter ride over Ayer’s Rock.

    Nevine El-Alfy

    I would love to visit Easter Island and sit on the volcano watching the sunset with the Easter Island heads in the distance! I WILL go there one day :o/


    I would love to go to Alaska. I own wolf dogs and one of my late dogs was called Kenai after one of the areas in Alaska I would love to see the place I named him after.

    Eve Izaak

    I’d go to Canada.

    I’d fly from the UK to Montreal, then hop on and off trains across the country, stopping all along the way like Banff to see Lake Louise, and do some Kayaking. I’d cycle, skate, hike, snowboard and ski. I’d also wanna get an internship for Burton in Creative Design. Eventually I’d get to Vancouver, and take a boat from there up to Alaska and see the wildlife (and also the Fairbanks bus on the stampede trail, where Chris McCandless died)…

    Well – that’s what i plan to do with my gap year!!


    i would love to go to japan because thats where nintendo is and i love video games also it is where pokemon in from so there is are huge pokemon stores there that i really want to go to


    I’d love to travel around Greenland. It would be amazing to visit a land that so vast, and yet has hardly anyone living there, and is mostly untouched. I’d love to stand on a high spot and see glaciers aroune me, and ice bergs floating in the pristine sea in the fjords. I would camp out, and see the stars, and catch my dinner from the water. Bliss!

    Victoria Jakeman

    New Zealand – It would have to be New Zealand because it is one of the most beautiful countries I have seen. The people are very friendly. And I would love to go snowboarding there as the slopes look sick. I would shred in Queenstown and eat lots of Ferg burgers and drink tea pots in the Buffalo bar again. Then it will be time to head down to Wanaka and shred some pow there and check out some new terrain.
    As it starts to get warmer would have to do a sky dive (I already did the Nevis bungee when I was there 2 years ago).
    Once summer comes into action I would probably head up to the North Island to Raglan and bum around on the beach and get a nice tan.


    Hmmm, It would have to be Mexico!! Always fancied it, even though I won’t be able to eat much, not a fan of spicy food you see! It would be worth starving though, to see all the Inca temples, and sit on the beach with the sun shining!


    I’d love to go to Cuba! I believe that being in a country where the nature and climate is on top and at the same time won’t have to see any classdifferences or poverty could make me genuenly happy and proud of being there. At the moment im a resident of Lidkòping sweden, and even if Sweden is a very good country I think the climate affects you in great ways and living somewhere where you can go to the beach all year long could make you appreciate everyday more.


    The country I would most like to visit is Korea. I just love the culture and everything. Some of my favorite music artist are from there and they have great music. The music they have there is just amazing to me.

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