Concrete Disciples – It Felt Very Real

Ozzie Ausband has written a great article and posted a bunch of cool photos over at Concrete Disciples where he talks about his experience of skating for the first time with a group of women as they shred Lance Mountains pool. There are a couple of quotes below and a couple of pics but go check out the full article.

Ozzie This is where I must admit an observation. The ladies actually seemed to be having more fun than I sometimes see in their male counterparts. Skateboarding is a male-dominated minor religion. Sometimes, the fun gets lost. Periodically, a sense of unreality descends on a session. It was refreshing to see complete stoke on peoples faces and the reason for that is simple. The ladies were stoked by the very act of skateboarding & rolling… all by itself. Maybe the guys should take a lesson. In closing, all I have to say is that today–for me–skateboarding felt very real. Thank you Lance. Thank you Chris & Brandon for the images. Thanks to the ladies for opening our eyes.

PatriciaThere is a very real difference that is felt when skating with just the ladies versus the normal sesh that is 99% male. Don’t get me wrong; I love all of my guys that I skate with and have a blast riding with them. But when it’s just the girls, an unspoken and often unnoticed pressure turns off and what gets turned on is pure stoke. Nothing about what I do is being scrutinized, and my girls are genuinely stoked when I hit tile, or grind, or smash my face onto the side of Ozzie’s pool! Today was magical and I know we all felt it. I’m a 35-year old woman with a so-called regular job and life, and yet today when we were skating Lance’s I felt like I was 12 again; not a care in the world except skateboarding. And feeling just as giddy about hangin’ with Lance as I would have when I was 12! Men and women skateboarders of the world can transcend any differences that may arise through gender in the realization that we are all kids at heart, who just want to go play on our skateboards.

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