Converse Skateboarding Art Intervention

Just had a lovely note through from Paloma Guerrero who many of you will know from Chica Rider – the female project in Mexico City. However what you might not know is that she is also the brand manager of Converse Skateboarding in Mexico and has recently been involved in a great project involving skateboarding and art. Here are her words:

I did it with visual artist Anibal Pantoja on a skatepark called San Cosme, located in the middle of Mexico City. Anibal Pantoja is a mexican visual artist born in 1983. He studied at the Escuela Nacional de Artes Pl√°sticas. His job includes ilustration, painting, tattooing and engraving, in which he talks about life, nature, women and existencialism. San Cosme Skatepark is one of the most visited skateparks in Mexico City, where dozens of riders get together every day. According to government statistics, 5 million people pass along San Cosme Skatepark per day, for it is located on the heart of the city. Anibal wanted to do a homage to W. C. Escher on this job because he finds a lot of similarity between Escher’s work and skateboarding for the principles of Isometry. I also filmed a video of the progression of the art work (which lasted two weeks), and my friend Vico Ceballos post produced it. (see below)

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