Damas Del Skate TGIF Sessions

After an entire year of fun. We want to invite all the girl skaters to the Damas del Skate TGIF event and the Ecuadorian Halloween Slam (this event is organized by our guy friends http://skateboardingecuatoriano.blogspot.com/2011/10/halloween-slam-riobamba-sera-el-29-de.html) Damas del Skate will be there supporting the scene, celebrate Halloween and find skater girl apprentices (https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=297185410306849) introduce them to the awesomeness of the sport. Many girls go to see their guy friends skate but they need girl on girl motivation so they can start skating themselves. Hope we can meet skater girls from Riobamba!!!


Picture of Riobamba’s Skyline with “Chimborazo” the highest active volcano in the world in the back.

Really excited about this.

Damas del Skate is inviting all the skater girls to joins us in late night skate sessions in the sweetest- most secret/exclusive, skate spot in the city.

also Damas del Skate main skate spot. “Parque Lomas de Monteserrin” is a flat butter- like concrete spot to have fun popping tricks and just fun to hang out. Friday 7pm, Nov 11, Nov 25 and Dic 16.

damas del skate tgif

Hope to see Many Skater Girls in this Ecuadorian events :)

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