Spotlight: Ellie Summerhayes

If you search “girl skateboarder” on YouTube the one of the first videos you come across is a skate montage of a pretty good fifteen year old girl skater. It was the first upload from the user ellieskates and has over 85,000 views. The 19yr olds name is Ellie Summerhayes and she’s from Australia, three years later she’s still at it, and heres her most recent video – it’s so rad! (source: grrlsondeck)

She also came first last week in the girls division at the Kiama Sydney Regional Skateboarders Association Skate Comp April 2011!!

Below you can find a couple other recent videos…

This next one starts off with a pretty bad slam!

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    Hello , I think Your a dope a skateboarder PERIOD , I would like to do a video of you in some of our clothing in Los Angeles it would be really dope! Please respond !

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