Exclusive: Final Aberdeen Leg of the UK Ladies Skateboard Series

Emma Richardson successfully applied to the Rubicon Skate Fund for help in attending and competing at the final leg of the UK Ladies Skateboard Series. She was given money for return flight tickets to Aberdeen. This is her exclusive write-up, photos and quotes from the event.

The UK Ladies Skateboard Series has been such an amazing chain of events so firstly I would like to thank Lois Pendlebury for putting her efforts to organise it all!

The series comprises of 3 different events at different stops around the UK. The first in the series kicked off in Manchester dubbed The Phoenix Night Comp. The second part of the series was combined with the U.K. championships at the new XC park at Hemel Hempstead. The support from the crowd here was insane, the U.K. boys standard was high too so this pushed the girls to step it up as well!

The final leg was held in Aberdeen Skate Park called Transition Extreme dubbed Peaches N Cream! (What a mouth full!)
The park was amazing and what a place for the final leg. The girls had the whole park to them selves again thanks to Joe Coleman at TX!

The Scottish girls were ripping teaching the English the way of the course especially Emily Russell throwing down an unbelievable amount of ramp trick including front and back tails reverts and back disaster in to smith combinations, with effortless style but then again she is Scottish its in her blood.

The six that qualified into the final were Emily Russell, myself (Emma Richardson), Helena Long, Julia Brueckler, Lois Pendulbry and Lucy Adams.

This was one final I wouldn’t want to judge as the standard was high!

The tricks that went down with Emily Russell flying around like it was a walk in the park with confident style and hitting the hip with 180s and busting out backside flips on the flat bank. Emma got her eye on the block and got ft 5050’s ft 5-0’s and ft tail slides. Lucy did maydays on the quarter ft board on the rail and ft side flip out the bank. Lois made it into third by smashing around the park doing a massive ft tail on the big quarter and kick fliped the hip, Helena haggled second from stomping her trademark tre flip and nollie inward heal over the hip and did a steezie backside smith out the quarter into the flat bank. But it was Julia that stole the show, and came out on top landing amongst other tricks, tre flip and nollie bigspin out the bank 5050 the block and backside flip over the hip! This Austrian does not mess about!

This gave the over all scores for the series of the top three Lois 3rd, Helena 2nd and Lucy 1st , there was prize money right up to 9th place which is prity amazing that there was such a fund behind the event.

(Here is the score sheet for the Series)

Here are a few quotes about the series from the skateboarders themselves…

Helena Long
“Definitely improved, everyone seems more confident with their tricks and shredding about!”

Fran Stroud
“It’s been really good to watch Lois, Lucy and Emma using the whole of the parks throughout the series, linking tricks into some nice lines all three of them are really stepping it up! Its also good to see some new faces emerging, like Caitlin who will be one to watch.”

Lucy Adams
“Great series bringing together lots of girls UK wide! Lots of laughs and good standard of skating!”
You can also check: www.lucyadamsskateboarder.blogspot.com for a mini clip from Aberdeen.

Danni Gallacher
“Helena’s board slide up that stupid rail at Hemel was the highlight of it all for me!”

Emma Richardson
“This was an amazing series, I could see the level been pushed at each stop and this made everybody feed off each other! Defiantly a must for next year and I think it will just get bigger and better! And hopefully encourage some of the more shy skaters out there to come skate too”

Jenna Selby
“As with last years events, the Series was a great success. By holding the 3 separate comps in different parts of the country it allowed an all-inclusive participation for all riders throughout the UK. Well done to the organisers and I look forward to next years events”

Lois Pendulbry
“I’d say the best things about the Series has been to keep the scene tight. The girls have been meeting up regularly, travelling, skating and partying together. It’s been great for keeping everyone in touch. It’s also been great for coverage – videos, photos, write-ups – people can see what the girls have been up to and how the standard is continually being raised.”

Thanks to everyone who skated, helped out, sponsors; Roxy, Oakley, Sidewalk, Spitfire, Cooler mag, Superdead, Real, Eka, DC, Love n skate, independent, people who supported and was stoked on the LSSUK 2011! Other thanks go to Judges Stuart Taylor and Joe Coleman.

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