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SkaterGirl recenty caught up with Jamie Parker from Silly Girl Design and bombarded her with questions!! She is the driving force behind one of California’s best (and silliest) skateboard and lifestyle brands – supporting the up-and-coming scene in a big way and doing more than anyone to remind girls why skating is so much fun. We hear about her crush on Tony Hawks, wanting to be Wonder Woman, her backup plan to sell donuts… oh and a few serious things too. Enjoy.

Why did you start Silly Girl ? When? What were you doing before?
Silly Girl was started originally as a Themed Interior Design company (recording studios, nurseries, kids rooms) and when the housing market went kaput I had a great response on the logo and soon Silly Girl Skate Posse was off and running. We haven’t looked back since. Before that I did everything under the sun, baker, tailor, hung drywall, worked for the physic friends network.

What’s with the name?
It’s me..it’s who I am. It was given to me based on the Descendents song ‘Silly Girl’. When combined with the logo and my personality, it made perfect sense.

Who what were your influences when you started?
It was really all me … although I am definitely influenced by silly, quirky things and people.

Who else is part of the shop “family”?
Matt Gaudio (CO-Owner), The Wettstein Family (Bryce is our youngest team rider at 6yrs old. Her parents Max & Donna are helpful team parents), Julie Westfall (Team Captain and her parents Mark & Helen are also highly involved in the team), Natalie Das (team rider and beautiful soul) Ashley Espinoza (team rider, her family is also highly active in supporting the team & events). Jordan Abraham (13), Sarah Thompson (12), Maya Espinoza (6.5) and Danielle Gomez (19) are Silly Girl Ambassadors who will be moved to the competitive team next year. Also part of the family is Courtney Payne Tailor, creator of Girls Riders Org (www.girlsriders.org), Mandy Esch and Lauren Callahan of 360 Skate School (www.360skateschool.com) are our official instructors, close friends and avid supporters of the Silly Girl Skate movement.

Julie Westfall, Ashley Espinoza and Bryce Ava Wettstein | Silly Girl Posse

But, you do not have to be “on the team” to hang out and skate….anybody who comes around with a positive attitude and a drive to succeed is welcomed in our family.

Do you have a shop / pro team? (or plan to?)
We have a competitive team currently consisting of Bryce, Julie, Natalie & Ashley that will be expanding next year to include the girls I mentioned above. All can be seen on our website www.sillygirldesign.com and Facebook.

Do you produce your own designs or use local artists?
We actually do both. We make our own designs and encourage the girls to submit their own artwork also. We are training the girls to be more than just “skateboarders”. We also use other graphic artists that we have met along the way in our sticker trading circle. Such as Tha Bum from Iowa who created last years Halloween Zombie shirts. Gotta share the love!!

How have you helped the local scene?
We have dramatically improved the girls skating scene here in Socal…girls are respected more, we throw more girl-scentric events, we carry girls products and provide the girls with a sense of community. We have brought a softer side to skateboarding and have encouraged parents to get involved in their daughters sport.

What superhero would you most like to be (or one superpower most like to have)?
Wonder Woman & her lasso of truth

What are yourthe shop plans for the future?
progression of girls skateboarding & more girl oriented hard & soft goods

What’s your feelings on skateboarding being in the Olympics?
I think it would make a great addition if people IN skateboarding were able to help mold the rules. It is my understanding that it would go in under roller sports and “skateboarders” would have no say in how the Olympic sport would be held. But, I have heard very little on the subject.

1st place in a comp versus front page shot on mag?
I’m not about winning 1st place…I’m about having a winning attitude so I guess I’d say the front page shot with a huge smile!!

Indoor wood vs outdoor concrete?
I personally like indoor cause I suck in the heat lol. Indoor wood is my fave but indoor concrete is fine too.

Best road trip tune…
Tripping Daisy, Lady Gaga, Guns n Roses and Metallica Black album

Best partying tune…
Anything Dance-able, Lady Gaga to Egyptian Lover

Tune you’d have on your video section…
Silly Girl by Descendents….DUH!! or, Barbie Girl by Aqua ….hahaha

Ashley Espinoza | Silly Girl Skate Team

Best funniest most rewarding moment so far for you the shop?
Every moment with the girls is the best/funniest. They are all so beautiful and special in their own ways. We are all really close and helpful to each other. It’s the most amazing group of skaters I’ve ever met. So, by the same token….the whole thing is the most rewarding. I/we get to help these girls find themselves, gain success and emotional stability during teen years. It is amazing to watch them grow in a healthy direction.

Tell us something that people would not know about you the shop?
Wow, that’s tough…we’re very open about everything.

Do you think skateboarding should have some sort of governing body?
That’s hard to say…I hate the male machismo (I’m not saying ALL guys are like that) in skateboarding so I would be hesitant to say yes. But, as an organized woman … I’d love to see progression through organization.

Favourite pro rider (past or present)?
Tony Hawk (my crush as a lil’ girl) & Danny Way

Local rider to watch out for?
Lizzie Armanto

Best spot you’ve ever skated?
Lake Cunningham, San Jose CA & Vans, Orange CA

If you weren’t running the shop or skateboarding, you’d most like to be…
Roller Derby, selling donuts

What’s your take on blank decks?
I love to paint them!!

Favourite skate movie..
Search For Animal Chin

Favourite non-skate movie tv series …
Anything Pee-Wee Herman, True Blood and Tosh.0

Upside and downside of running a skate shop?
Upside: loving the girls, being loved by the girls and helping girls (& boys) through a healthy love of skateboarding.
Downside: We are online so there’s no shop but sometimes as an adult woman it’s hard to attend skate events every weekend. And, believe me they can be and are every weekend.

Have you done any filming? Where? Produced what? With who? What happened?
Silly Girl produces videos from all our events. Candy Bowl 2009, Pirate Bowl 2010 and many others. We have also shot with Eric Muss Barnes, Stefan Mentil and CEO Studios for various videos and small documentaries. We draw lots of attention being the Silly Girls that we are. (Lotta – see video below)

What words of wisdom do you have for people?
Be nice. Use common sense. Wear your pads. Don’t liter. Use your blinker.

Play an instrument? Sing karaoke? Or just play guitar hero?

None, I enjoy stencil art, sticker trading and bean and cheese burritos.

Thanks to my mom for being an awesome woman and role model, Matt my friend and partner (in crime), The Silly Girls past and present, every team mom and dad, to every shop who has supported us and girls skateboarding, GRO, 360 Skate School, Iguana Bowl, Mindie Disaster, Willie Nelson, Dave Duncan and everybody who’s ever sent me a message of encouragement, bought something from our website, come to one of our events, written about us and brought their daughter to participate we couldn’t do it without you.

Special thanks to Jamie for her taking the time to hook up with SkaterGirl. Keep up the amazing work, keep spreading the love, and above all else… keep it silly.

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