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We’ve been massive fans of Rockstar Bearings for a long time now – not just because they make awesome hardware, or have a killer team rosta – but because they’re big supporters of the girls scene, repping one of the biggest female teams anywhere (13 girls) and have sponsored all our Girl Skate Camps.

Here we catch up with the founder Adrian…

rockstar bearingsWhat are the Rockstar roots?

Rockstar began in the summer of 2000, out of the back doors of the legendary core Skate shop, ABC – named after the neighborhood where it stood; Alphabet City. On one afternoon, Zoo York rider Harold Hunter approached ABC owner, Adrian and asked him to sit down so they could discuss the idea of creating their own company. Harold’s vision was to grow something that was his, something he could reach out to others with, especially the young kids. “Harold Hunter, like myself had many friends in many different circles, so his view was not only to help skateboarders but to go beyond that, creating a team for vert riders, girls and snake boarders, scooters, Bmx. It didn’t matter to him, if what you did was use bearings, he was down for you.”

There’s a lot of girls on the Rock Star team now – who was the first sign up though?

v_torresVanessa Torres. She came to New York City with her parents – she was very young – she caught Harold Hunters attention early in the day while she was warming up for the contest.. Harold right away said .. we need to get her on board asap … Crazy thing was we have it all on tape on some Hi-8 format Tape.. some where in a big box.. at RSB office.

Got any advice for girls who are looking to get sponsored?

First be safe in life, be safe in doing what it is you love to do, school and education is very important in life… extreme sports are in a place in life now where you can actually use an education in establishing a future within competing and or work environment after you’re done as an AM or Pro athlete.

What were a few of your favourite skate-related moments of 2013?

Honestly there so many… the ones here in our back yard in NYC stand out the most.. events with Harold Hunter foundation was of the hoook…

What skate events are you looking forward to in 2014?

Ha… all of them!… as many as possible, ‘specially the ones in Europe.

(lgc) girls skate camp poster ft. kristina westadWhat’s Rock Star got planned for this year?

2014… wow… we made it this far, it was always our plan haha… Well 2014 we are looking more into expanding and branding our name out in Europe… Most of our girl riders are from Europe, but also South and Central America, The Caribe.. and of course Canada , Australia.

Any final words…

We’d like to thank all or our Riders and friends for still believing in us, helping us make this happen and continuing helping us all on this journey. Thank you as well to Rubicon Girl and Camp for your time and post here. :-) … Alex Corporan for jumping on board and becoming our partner and VP of Operation .. See you guys this summer

Cheers Adrian

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