Far ‘N High Girls Jam 2012

One of the first events of the Summer is the World Cup skate contest in France called the Far ‘N High Girls Jam. This year it’s taking place on Sunday 27th May at the Halle de Skate du Val d’Orge in Villiers-sur-Orge.

Registration will cost 20 euros and Girls Qualification will begin at 12:00, with the Finals at 16:30 and Results and Prizes at 18:30.

The contest format for the qualifications stage will be 2 individual runs of 45 seconds each, whilst the Final will be a Jam session.

Judging will be based upon the average of the 5 judges on the best of the both runs, with use of the whole layout being awarded out of 10, speed & amplitude out of 20, technical ability out of 30, and style out of 20. Judge’s personal appreciation is scored out of 10 and there is a penality for identical runs of 10 but a bonus of 10 for highest number of tricks. Total out of 100.

The prize purse is 1st: 800€, 2nd: 500€, 3rd: 300€, 4th: 200€, 5th: 100€, 6th: 100€

There’s already a great line-up of girls getting ready for the event including local riders Marie Dabbadie, as well as girls from Norway, Sweden, Belgium and Brazil.

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  1. yvonne@suckmytrucks.de'

    Has anyone realized that the first Place for men wins 3.200 Euros and the ladies can only win 800 Euros for the 1st place?
    What’s wrong? It’s a Worldcup?
    The men have four times more money than you girls!
    What the Fuck?!

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