Girls Combi Pool Contest Results

Anita Foroughi (age 14) is part of the Silly Girl family and has kindly done a write-up of the Girls Combi Pool Contest 2010 – which she also came 6th place in for the AM Division. Congrats!!

This year of 2010 was the first of the Vans/Protec Girls Combi Pool Contest. And I must say it was a killer event to watch, and I am so thankful to have been a part of it. From the awesome booths scattered around, to the yummy free food offered it was a greatly supported event. From the girls airing up high with their boards, to the best of rock music blasting out there was such an exciting atmosphere released. I absolutely cannot wait for next year to come around!

First thing in the morning us gals are there practicing our lines ‘til our heats. We got loads of support from everybody. It was great how we were all so encouraging of each other! We performed new tricks, had some gnarly slams, but at the end of the day took away an amazing memory to look back on. I’m so proud of my silly sisters; they all skated to their best and placed high! It is great how we’re all improving, and keeping the vibe of skateboarding alive.

More and more girls are getting out there and stretching the possibilities of skateboarding to levels of extreme. And girls I just want to say, each time we’re out there doin’ what we love, we inspire a girl to grab a board and try. Believe it or not, but each and every one of us have started a chain reaction to girl skateboarding. We all got inspired some how by something or someone; and are doing the same to others. Way to keep shredding and skating our hearts out at the WCS Combi Classic! Congrats to Lizzie Aramanto (1st Place PRO – pictured above), Jordan Abraham (1st Place AM), and every gal who competed in this intense competition. We were all a part of one of the greatest girl skateboarding events in history. We definitely have a story to tell our grandkids…

Full results of the Girls Combi Pool Classic at Vans Skatepark in California that went down on November 20th.

1. Lizzie Armanto
2. Allysha Bergado
3. Mimi Knoop
4. Julie Lynn
5. Lyn-z Adams Hawkins
6. Cara-Beth Burnside
7. Amelia Brodka
8. Lea Taylor
9. Mandy Esch
10. Justyce Tabor
11. Leticia Bufoni
12. Alex Harper
13. Amme Jay Papelera
14. Julie Westfall
15. Jean Rusen
16. Karli Nelson
17. Natalie Das
18. Ashley Espinoza
19. Stacey Roberts
20. Lauren Callahan
21. Sonja Deans
22. Meredith Betts
23. Pamela Brodowski
24. Lynn Kramer

1. Jordan Abraham
2. Kora Grzyb
3. Melissa Spillman
4. Annika Vrkian
5. Heidi Newton
6. Anita Forough
7. Arianna Carmona
8. Sara Thompson
9. Cara Lawson
10. Sarah Roach
11. Pauline Branom
12. Bryce Wettstein
13. Mikayla Sheppard
14. Jessica Robledo

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