Girls Skateboarding in Switzerland

Hi everyone. I’m actually posting this on a balcony at 1500m overlooking the Swiss Alps as the Sun comes up. Amazing! Myself, and Greg (Rubicon) have been joined by two friends from Sweden, Anna and Tobias. The journey here – accidental business class – was class!! Since Switzerland is like a second home for me, I thought I’d give everyone some info on the upcoming girls comp here and also a few results from the past:

European Championships

European Championships Basel 2010

The 10th edition of the etnies European Skateboarding Championships will kick off in Basel from 5 – 8 August. The competition will see the cream of Europe’s skateboarders battle it out over a newly designed street course, courtesy of IOU Ramps. The comp also plays host to a Girls Miniramp Jam, the qualifiers for which are on Sunday at 10:30 with the Finals being later that day at 2pm. For full info check out the ESC website.

Swiss Skateboard Open 2010

Empire Skate Building (Montreux) – Girls Results

1st Delphine Gaillard (Volcom, DVS, Brazil)
2nd Vanessa Udriot (Adrelyx shop)
3rd Franziska Stolz (Layback Skateshop)

Winterthur Block – Girls Results

1st Luisa Tschann (NGSB, Momentum)
2nd Gesa Wagner (NGSB, Momentum)
3rd Salome Ludwig
4th Carmen Zobrist

Gesa Wagner

Swiss Skateboard Open 2009

Girls Street Results

1st Wagner Gesa (New Generation Skateboards, Momentum Wheels)
2nd Carmen Zobrist
3rd Nora Baer (New Generation Skateboards, Momentum Wheels)
4th Amela Becirbasic (New Generation Skateboards, Momentum Wheels)

Girls Bowl Results

1st Franziska Stolz (Hügelherzblut, Zorlac, Layback Skateshop)
2nd Carmen Zobrist

Now you’re up to speed on the Swiss situation – I’m off for a chocolate croissant now!!

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