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My name is Lotta and I am one of the authors from the original SkaterGirl website. I'm a big fan of snowboarding, sushi and sangria!

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  1. lois_shammers@hotmail.com'

    Haha, I had the urge to try one the other day then forgot to do it! But i’ll get on it!

    Apparently only 5 girls turned up . . .
    1st went to Danni Mellor, 2nd Helena Long and 3rd to Becky Jaques.

  2. test@test.com'

    It’s a shame that the weather was so bad as I think this put a lot of girls off – plus I’m not sure why the official competition poster couldn’t mention the girls event? It’s almost like an unspoken rule now that the girls comps are always kept seperate and hush hush – bizarre.

    Anyway in addition to Danni, Helena and Becky, there was also Lucy and Cora Stocker and despite the washout, some good tricks went down.

  3. lucy11_11@hotmail.com'

    Thank you to those who did come!

    I have some footage that Stu filmed but there ain’t really enough for an edit, so i’m just gonna give it to Jenna tomorrow see if we can get some last minutes tricks in the film!

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