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Last weekend saw the annual Girlzilla comp take place at NASS and boy was it wet, thankfully the skate course was indoors! Obviously as Glastonbury Festival was not taking place this year, the weather thought it needed to turn its attention on some other poor unsuspecting festival and change that into a mud bath instead! However spirits weren’t dampened and there was a good turn out for the ladies comp. From South America came Leticia Bufoni  and Bia Sodre (Brazil), Lacey Baker and Alexis Sablone – hot off her recent X-Games win – came over from the States and there were also a couple of ladies who were on holiday from Japan.

The course it has to be said was a particularly good one this year, something for every sport involved and obviously a lot of planning had gone into make it flow really well. Originally there were supposed to be 2 separate competitions, one for the World Cup Placings (ie the pros) and an Open Jam for everyone else – however the World Cup organisers decided last minute to put everyone into one competition, which threw some of the girls who weren’t looking to compete on such a level.

The ladies were split into 3 groups of 6; each rider had a 1-minute introduction run which was then followed by a group 5-minute jam. The UK bunch landed an impressive lot of tricks – Lucy Adams feebled the flat bar rail and landed her smooth trademark fakie flip on the steep bank. Zoe Kings who impressed at last weeks Girl Skate Jam did a backside boardslide down the rail and kick flipped the stairs; Wings Chan got a nice fakie rock and Aleks from Cardiff a kickflip up the gap.

After the qualifiers those who had placed in the top 6 progressed to the final: Lacey, Alexis, Lucy, Leticia, Emma Fastessen from Sweden and Anita Almante from Italy. The same format as before followed with the introductory runs and then a 5-minute jam. With such a big course and so many people in one jam it did make it slightly difficult to keep an eye on what everyone was landing.

The tricks that were noted were Lucy’s front 5.0 on the bench, Anita’s 180 up the Wembley Gap and Emma’s kickflip over the hip. The north and south Statesiders were off on another level though! Lacey nose manualed the block 180 to flat, hit the pole jam, floated a tre flip over the hip and feebled the rail. Alexis Sablone kickflipped down the Wembley Gap straight into ollie over the rail on the driveway. She also kick flipped front board down the rail and possibly landed the trick of the comp – a kick flip feeble on the down rail – something that brought a smile to her face! Leticia laced her run with floaty method airs over the jump box, back lips down the rail, a pole jam 180 out and back smith and back lip on the huge rail. It was admittedly a tough one to call but it was judged that Leticia had squeezed the 1st placed spot.

Well done to all and Nice One to Rubicon for putting up the prize money for the ladies comp!



1st – Leticia Bufoni (BRA)

2nd – Lacey Baker (US)

3rd – Alexis Sablone (US)

4th – Emma Fastessen (SWE)

5th – Lucy Adams (UK)

6th – Anita Arvelo Almonte (ITA)





To watch the highlights from the comp GO TO –  Girlzilla Comp

All photos – copyright Jenna Selby 2012

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