Girlzilla Skate Auction Now Open

So as everyone knows: the 4th NASS “Girlzilla” Skate Comp is going down between the 8th and 10th of July in the UK with a great rider line-up and £1,000 ($1,600) already in the prize pot!!

But now we’d like to ask you to help by taking part in a brilliant auction to raise more money for the event (and grab yourself a great bargain from one of our sponsors at the same time!!!)

On the right hand side of every page on SkaterGirl you will see an auction box. To take part, simply click on the item you are interested in – whether it’s a pair of shoes, a hoody or a signed deck – then simply enter your name and how much money you are willing to offer for the prize.

Remeber you can enter multiple times, so if someone bids more than you, just go back and bid again.

All auctions will close at the end of June.

Good Luck – Have Fun – And Thanks!!

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