Happy Birthday Girly Legs!!

SkaterGirl has been around for a long time now – and over the years we have seen many companies, websites, organisations, competitions, fashions and products come and go – so we are particularly happy to celebrate the first birthday of the Girly Legs website. Interestingly we started following the site at the same time as Dyla Magazine – who are currently having a bit of a pause ahead of a relaunch in the Spring – but Girly Legs are firing on all cylinders and doing a great job of providing actions sports news for girls. Liz Drew is the driving force behind the website, and her motto sums things up very well:

To me, there is nothing scarier than spending the rest of my life chained to a desk and living for the weekend. I fully intend on living for every single day. There are so many places in this world that I would like to visit, that I actually have mini panic attacks when I look at a globe – how can I possibly fit in seeing it all? I started Girlylegs as a place for me to practice my writing, but things have moved on, and I now have a awesome team of rad girls who enjoy the same free and easy lifestyle that I advocate.

Congratulations Girly Legs (and Liz) on a great first year – hope there are many more to come. There are currently a great host of competitions on their site including the chance to win a hoody, boots, bags and 20% of at Misticon with code Bday20.

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