Helena and Kim join Les Ettes

A press release from Les Ettes today says that UK skater Helena Long and German skater Kim Wibbelt have joined the Les Ettes team. Congratulations to both!! Great skills.

“Les Ettes welcome the skateboarders Helena Long and Kim Wibbelt to the national team.
We are proud to extend our team of national athletes with some hot talent in European skateboarding: Helena Long is UK’s up-and-coming female skateboarding star and was titled “Queen Bee of British skateboarding” by Cooler Magazine. We’ve also snagged the talented German Kim Wibbelt, aka Kim Possibles, who is part of the established skateboarding Team around the renown German skateboarding retailer Titus.”

About Helena Long
Name: Helena Long
Home: London
Favorite city: There are a few! But I guess London, Barcelona, Rome, Basel and New York.
Favorite spot: Numerous ones around Barcelona and London’s back alleys.
What was the best smelling place you have ever traveled to? My mum’s kitchen.
What’s the simplest thing you’ve never learned to do? Pick up a spider.
What is your favorite website? www.nationalrail.co.uk
What is your favourite Les Ettes product? I love Love-ette and Sol-ette they make you smell good enough to eat!

About Kim Wibbelt
Name: Kim Wibbelt
Home: Muenster
Favorite city: NYC
Favorite spot: 13th street NYC
What was the best smelling place you have ever traveled to? Dominican Republic.
What is the simplest thing you have never learned to do? Backside noseslide.
What is your favorite website? Facebook (for boring periods at the office), Amazon for getting stuff fast, and place.tv for interesting skate news.
What is your favorite Les Ettes product? Flore-ette.

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