Hot Decks For A Spring of Shredding

As I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed, it’s been cold recently. Really, really cold. The mornings have been dark, the evenings have been dark and the daytime has been… well… grey. And, in case you don’t have windows to regulate your own weather updates, the Facebook statuses of the masses are always quick to inform you that it’s snowing/raining/hailing/not worth leaving your house for the next 24 hours.

It doesn’t last forever, though. Not even in Britain. The seasons are finally on the turn and the days are getting longer (albeit not much warmer, but give it time) and springtime is ripe for skateboarding.

If your deck is looking ropey from the past year and you fancy something fresh, why not treat yourself to a new setup? Be it a lick of new grip tape, or a whole new complete, investing in some fresh kit can sometimes be just the kick you need to get enthusiastic about a new skateboarding season.

simpsons cruzerIf you’re saving your vert skating for summer and want to start off on a casual drift, you can always inject some fun into the chillier days with a Santa Cruz ‘The Simpsons’ Complete Cruzer. This range of cruiser decks and completes are serious head-turners, with all the quality you’d expect from Santa Cruz, while being dipped in luminous cartoon colours for good measure. No matter how dull a day it may be, these skateboards will ignite the street with their awesome Simpsons graphics and serve you with a light, fast ride. The Santa Cruz ‘The Simpsons’ Homer One Micro Complete Cruzer is a big favourite, with a neon green deck that gives a nod to pop culture, as well as all the epic spec that you’re used to seeing from this long-established skateboard company.

If cruisers aren’t your thing, Bullet Big League Skateboard Decks are kicking some retro varsity into the scene with their muted-colour line of decks. Built to last, while being light enough to turn a trick with ease, these decks offer excellent value for money (which is particularly attractive if you’re known to snap a few!).

plan b flashIf you like your colours a little more loud, the Plan B Colour Flash skateboard deck line is an ink-enthusiast’s dream. Coated in oldskool tattoo artwork that would make Sailor Jerry proud, these sweet decks are inspired by a plethora of Plan B’s pro riders and are bound to turn heads at the skatepark. Our pick of the bunch has to be Paul Rodriguez’s effort – A sick sugar skull design, complemented with a wash of turquoise.

flip boulalaIf you’re intent on bringing in the sunshine during an otherwise gloomy month, you can’t go far wrong with a Flip Pro Modern skateboard deck. Drenched in punchy hues, these decks are a vivid piece of artwork that’ll make a statement. Brighter than a 90s rave, the Flip Pro Modern Boulala skateboard deck is a glowing piece of excellence that’s fiercely attention-grabbing. One skate on this sunny little number and the world will smile with you, that’s for sure!

If you want to perk up your setup, but don’t want to invest in a new deck or complete, something as simple as adding new wheels to the mix can make you feel like you’re skating a whole new ride.

bones partyThe Bones OG 100’s Party Pack is a peng collection of skateboard wheels that will give your board an intense pick-me-up. Sold in a mixed pack of green, purple, blue and red, these hot little rollers will keep you moving like a pro and looking legit, right into summer. To keep them working at full tilt, try putting some Hubba Hummers skateboard bearings into the core, for a smooth and fast spin that has an additional colour pop.

Filled with bright ideas? Don’t miss out… Get yourself to the skatepark and make the most of the sunshine while it lasts!

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