How Damas del Skate home looks like.

In case you were wondering if skateboarding in Ecuador is worth your while. Hope this makes you a little interested on visiting and skating in Quito Ecuador.
The skate park that you can superficially see in the video is the first skate park ever built in Ecuador, is an oldschool pool style concrete awesome place to ride and surf (1975). It has great transitions, and is so old school, it really takes you back to the first days of skateboarding. It just got night lighting, something skaters were waiting since back then, finally this year the skate park got nice lights, so lately, specially on Fridays and Saturdays people that really want to skateboard go there. Specially the ones that got full time jobs.. and are happy to be able to end the week with a nice sess. :) I go there every other Saturday :) is awesome.

The park is completely safe, if you want to skateboard, you can go with your board, no matter if your new, skaters will greet you, maybe play SKATE with you, or just chill around. have fun. Is really cool. I have made my best friends there.

Well, enough said, enjoy this preview of my city! don’t hesitate to visit :)

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