Ida gets Fokus-ed

Ida Östensson is the founder behind You Skate Girl and the national project “No Limit” – both targeted at girls. She has just appeared in Fokus News talking about her top tips for girls looking to get hooked on skateboarding. Check out the full story here (in Swedish), which also includes some skateboard history and trick definitions. Below is a translated version of what Ida had to say:

Organize yourself
Gather together all the girls who go or want to go (if there are none, then gather all the guys who can encourage girls to start). Start a club, a Facebook group or mailing list.

Role Models
It is important to have someone to identify with. Make sure that there are women in leadership positions – as a trainer, coach, staff or the like.

Custom times
It can be very tough to be the only girl who come to a local skate where there are only boys.  If you can have your own girls time, this may help.  But the goal is that skateboarding culture should be equal so in the end different times are not needed.

Working hard to be seen. Make sure that it always appears that you have directed you to the girls. Make sure that girls appear in posters, even when the event is targeted at boys too.

To succeed, it is important that you get with your local skateboard club, skate shop, skateboard riders, municipality, youth organizations and educational associations. My clubs would not have had time to do half the things we have done without all the support from partners.

Photo (c) Fokus

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