Ida Östensson in Metro

I grabbed our local Metro newspaper today and on the front page was a familiar face, Ida Östensson, one of the Swedish skatergirls who works with promoting girlskate with, among others, You Skate Girl and No Limit.

She is one of eight social entrepreneurs who got chosen for a project called Playing For Change. The Project gives these eight an opportunity to realize their dream about how to change and improve the world for the youth through play.

The project that Ida is working with is called Crossing Borders and it’s what some of us Swedish girls will be doing this summer together with some Canadian girls. It’s an exchange between the two countries where we Swedish girls travel to Canada to meet up with the Canadian girls and go on a two week tour around Quebec and then the Canadian girls will come to Sweden and we’ll do the same thing here. It’s gonna be an amazing summer!

By being a part of this project Ida will get a salary, guidance, media coverage and a mobile subscription. This will allow Ida to work more with Crossing Borders and tie up the loose ends which is necessary for the project.

Big congratulations to Ida, and the best of luck!

If any of you Swedish readers want to read the article, click the image above and scroll to page 13.

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