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Courtney over at GRO wrote an interesting little piece about the challenges facing girls in action sports. As SkaterGirl recently reported, there is not as much support as there should be from within the industry and we echo what Courtney is saying about the challenges facing girls looking to make a career and living within skateboarding. SkaterGirl has a number of exciting projects prepared for 2011 that we think will start to address these obstacles. Anyway if you haven’t read it yet, go check out Courtneys thoughts. First paragraph below…

There are many obstacles in action sports that females face in building a better world. Here is one that continues to thrive. From trade show booths, company advertisements and even product guides, almost all action sports companies use models for the photos, models who do not ride. This Back To School Guide from Foam Magazine is just one example. There are two problems with this. First, many companies claim to have no budget to pay female riders and female riders need to get paid. They have a budget to pay models to dress up like skaters and snowboarders for their catalog. It is about time the companies start supporting the riders, not models. This leads into the next issue…

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    At Nikita we’re all about our girls, thats why both the streetwear and outerwear catalogues and photos that we produce always include our team girls. The Nikita family all head to the chosen photoshoot location, along with photographer, make up artists and stylists team (of course including our most stylish founder Heida) and shoot a bunch of photos which are then used to promote not only the clothes but the brand too. They are ‘girls who ride’, just like Nikita. :)


    @Michelle – thanks for the reply. It’s great to hear that Nikita actually use the girls who ride in their photoshoots. That’s the way it should be. I think Nikita have done an amazing job of staying true to the scene and we actually have a post coming tomorrow that mentions the recent interview Source did with Runar Omarsson (founder/GM Nikita Clothing) and his views on the girls scene.

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