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Really interesting interview with Juliet Elliott over on the ‘Way of Women’ website. For those that don’t know Juliet is now a sponsored biker (Charge Bikes, Vans and Metis) but has previously been a model and professional snowboarder (Burton) and also runs Coven magazine which focuses on women’s art, adventure and action sports.

Our favourite part is this paragraph – it sums up some of the challenges in the women’s industry…

“How did Coven start? What are its aims? Which troubles (if any) did you have to face in its very early days?
I launched Coven Magazine last year as an alternative to all the boring women’s magazines on the market. I also wanted to create something for active, cultured women – it seems like anything covering sports/action sports/the outdoors was really uncool, badly designed or aimed at teenagers. The trouble we face at Coven is purely financial. We have incredible feedback from our thousands of readers and also from pretty much every brand we ever encounter. Translating that into ad sales can be tricky; people love to praise you but rarely have the guts to back up their words and invest in something that I believe is very much needed by women. I’m really passionate about getting more women and girls into sport, about showing women that’s there’s an alternative to the vacuous rubbish that they’re led to believe is important. I want to inspire women with tales of kick ass females and I’ve put my money where my mouth is.”

juliet elliot coven

Photo (c) Dave Noakes

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