Introducing: Damas del Skate

Although the girls skate scene in Ecuador (South America) has been growing at a very slow pace, one girl has taken the initiative and had a great impact. Gabriela Freire Bejar from Quito is a fashion designer and has been skateboarding for more than 7 years now. She got tired of waiting for the girls scene to kick-off and so started a facebook page to promote skateboarding and organize skate classes for girls. Within just a few weeks she had 40 fans and it has been growing steadily since.

She then got in touch with her friend and the only other girl she had ever skated with – Cielo Carvajal – and with her sisters help, they set about organising the first ever girls skate event with a focus on those looking to learn. The event was great! Despite the rain pushing the class indoors, it was a great experience and most importantly they were able to start something in their country. They will be giving classes regularly now on weekends and on April 17th they did their first all girl skate clinic and although no one knew how to stand on a skateboard, they were taught the basics about skateboarding, finding out if they are regular or goofy, how to stand on the board and the basics on skateboarding safety. At amazing atmosphere and great achievement.

So who are they? They are: Damas del Skate. It means Dames of Skate and their objective is simply to get all the girls in Ecuador together to skate, learn and have fun – aswell as break the stigma that female skaters are manly. This is is why they chose the name Dames of Skate – to show they are girls, feminine and that goes with skateboarding too.

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    i love this!!!
    i guess there are numerous small countries/communnities were skating for chicks isnt popular yet. gaby’s iniciative is awesome!!

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