Introducing: Ladies of Luge

Last month we heard on the grapevine about Ladies of Luge – and we liked what we heard!! Their aim is to celebrate and encourage the participation of women, not only in streetluge, but in all gravity disciplines. They also want to bring all ‘gravity girls’ together for the cause of strength, unity, participation and all things ‘girl power’ within gravity sports. We wanted to know more so we got in touch with Emily once she get back from last weeks Newton’s Nation, the Australian Championships. Even better we’re tieing this in with another Christmas give-away, all you have to do is tell us which fact is true…

Emily Parr
a) Worked for a Christmas tree company
b) Worked for a Vogue fashion designer
c) Worked for a Chocolate Shop

Ashley Hall-Stokes
a) Broke her grandmothers nose at the age of 5
b) Broke her wrist in 5 places
c) Broke out of jail on 5 occasions

Sue Wickendon
a) started to wear earings at age 18
b) got her first tattoo at the age of 18
c) started her own buisness at the age of 18

Stacey Hall-Stokes
a) Is obsessed with Elvis Presley
b) Is obsessed with Michael Jackson
c) Is obsessed with Britney Spears

WIN a gold Etnies Stand Up t-shirt by simply putting your answers below or beneath this post on facebook. Have you ever tried downhill skateboarding before, how about freestyle skateboarding, remember, here at SkaterGirl we love all skateboarding disciplines, so get in touch if you have a story…

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