Introducing: The AlphaSphere

A non skate related post here but definitely one worth checking out.

Behold the AlphaSphere; an innovative new product currently being developed by nu desine – a fireball team of young engineers and visionaries, based in Bristol, UK who share a passion for new design, cutting-edge technology and music.

What is the AlphaSphere?

The AlphaSphere is a brand new musical instrument designed by an innovative company called nu desine

The AlphaSphere is a new concept musical instrument, which will reinterpret the way that we interact with sound.
It enjoys a unique spherical design, which will optimise the experience of composing, producing and performing music.
The range of sounds is infinitely programmable, up to four octaves could be mapped around the sphere.

How does it work?

Consisting of 48 tactile pads, it combines iconic design and smart materials to create an audio-visual experience that is truly unique.  The pads are touch sensitive and can be infinitely programed to trigger electronic sounds.
The AlphaSphere will bring modern music production and performance off the computer screen and back into the hands of the musician.

If you think this seems like a rad product, why not support their manufacturing development by donating a small (or large!) amount to the online fundraising campaign.

By donating from as little as £6.15, you can enjoy perks such as the exclusive AlphaSphere guitar-pick, or by donating £15 you can bag yourself (like I did), an original AlphaSphere t-shirt!

The rewards are greater the more you are able to donate so if you’re feeling generous you can actually be a proud owner of one of the first musical instruments of its kind!

Help out nu desine and be part of the revolution!
Let the world know, tweet this, blog it, facebook it, sing it in the streets. Copy and paste, for a link to the campaign page directly.

A new musical instrument is coming, and it’s called the AlphaSphere!

You can find more info on the AlphaSphere over at their website!

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