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Thanks to the amazing Ayumi, we’ve got some fresh info on the Japanese skate scene along with some great pics and videos. The Japanese culture is actually very anti-street-skating as it is considered so dangerous which is why in skate films you see so many night time scenes!! More and more Japanese girls are skating each year – and becoming increasingly fearless – which is cool because there are more and more skateparks to practice at. One of the nicest places to street skate is down by the water in Yokohama which is very beautiful city and the area has a similar kind of feel to the London Eye area.

One of Ayumi’s friends is Chihiro, who we actually posted a video of back in February. She’s working hard to link the different girl skate scenes around the world together – and share some experiences, knowledge and fun. You can see her blog “Chihirock” here. She also made a DVD featuring girl skaters called “Colorful” and regular posts films on Youtube (example below)

For your interest: Chihiro is wearing the red trousers and Ayumi has the striped t-shirt.

Ayumi lives in Japan, around Tokyo. She’s 28 and has been skating for 7 years. Last year she came to London and visited both Southbank skatepark and Stockwell skatepark. She really enjoyed it and made some great skater friends. She hopes to visit the UK again next year to skate with us all.

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  6. tim@statuskobe.com'
    神戸 Tim


    I certainly see a few girl skaters around here.

    Not sure about Japanese culture being anti-street skating though. Most people seem genuinely interested when they see me street skate. The night aspect is just because it’s too busy during the day. I would say you would get much more hassle in America or Europe for street skating than in Japan. We get moved on my cops or security but never get fined and often the security guards are really nice about it.

    Then again, I skate Kobe city; Tokyo might be different!

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