Kayley Ashworth to Wow at Royal Highland Show 2014

royal highland showMost people will see an ad for Skate Hut or another top BMX brand and immediately associate the sport with boys. But all that could change in the future, particularly if Kayley Ashworth – the UK’s No. 1 female BMX Freestyler – has her way. 24 year old Kayley returns to the Royal Highland Show in June, as part of The Clan BMX stunt team. She’s become an ambassador for girls’ BMX in recent times, proving time and time again that it’s no longer a sport dominated entirely by boys.

A Triumphant Return to RHS

Kayley can’t wait to return to Scotland for the show this year, after an unfortunate accident at the 2012 event put her in hospital, with a damaged ulna and radius. Not only is she dying to compete again, but she’s also keen to be reunited with all those who helped her after her fall. “The Scots are great”, says the Welsh-born BMX master,“They helped me so much after my fall, and I still keep in touch”.

kayley ashworth superstarNot Just For Girls

Certainly, all those who attend the BMX events at the show are in for a real treat this year. Young people at the RHS will have the chance to attend private coaching sessions with members of the Clan – including Kayley – right after each show. They’ll also be able to take part in live Q & A sessions and autograph signings. Kayley in particular is very keen to speak to young girls about BMX and encourage them to keep pushing the role of girls in UK BMX. Despite the talent and reputation of riders such as Kayley, BMX is still a sport that most people associate with boys. But Kayley for one is set to change all that. In the sessions at RHS, she hopes to show girls just how much they have to offer in terms of changing the face of BMX, not just in the UK, but worldwide.

Enlisting New Followers for the Sport

In the lead up to this year’s show, Kayley and the Clan will also be visiting primary schools all over Scotland, in the hope of encouraging more girls to consider taking up the sport. As Kayley rightly explains, BMX is not only about fun and building confidence; it’s actually an incredibly healthy pursuit as well. And with this in mind, no doubt she’ll succeed in converting more than a few. rreenlist in the sport.girls to the sport over her tour of Scotland this summer.

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