Lacey Baker makes history!!

Lacey made history last weekend by being the first girl EVER to qualify for the Semi Finals at Tampa Am. She received an honourable mention after qualifiying 13th on Saturday and ended up in the 33rd spot (out of 200!) after the Semi-Finals on Sunday. Rob Meronek of the Skatepark of Tampa said: “Girls don’t get judged any different in any of our events, especially Tampa Am. That could be why there has never been a girl that made the cut to Sunday in Tampa. Lacey Baker changed that today. She killed it – noseslide back 270 out down the hubba, hard flipped the stairs, 360 flip the hip, and more.” Whilst there Lacey also tattooed her lip which she seemed more stoked about than getting into the Semis. In her own words: “This past weekend me n my mom headed over to Florida for the 16th annual Tampa Am. Just like any other contest, I was there to have a good time. No matter what the results are of any contest, I always just want to have fun; it’s an honor just to be there. I skated first heat on Saturday and ended up doing well enough to make it into the semi finals on Sunday, which is something no other girl has ever done in any of the past Tampa Am contests. That made the weekend that much better. I also skated best trick… That’s something I never did before and received an honorable mention… Aside from that, more fun was had during after parties and down time. I ended up getting my lip tattooed which kinda hurt like a bitch, but I’m super stoked on it. Rumor got out cuz a bunch of people kept asking me to show them they all seemed stoked on it too. Overall it was an amazing weekend, met new people, hung out with old friends and had a blast. Couldn’t ask for much more.” She’s so cool.

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