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My name is Lotta and I am one of the authors from the original SkaterGirl website. I'm a big fan of snowboarding, sushi and sangria!

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  1. dinahartmann@hotmail.com'

    holyc**p i had no idea they did stuff like that at rampworx for ladies omg! i skateboarded for half a year 2 years ago..It was the most fun summer of my life so far -just me n my sis n our boards. Im looking to take it up again, after college stopped me!! so cant wait to check out 26th feb- im gonna be so baaaad at it again- hopefully that day of skate will kickstart my lost passion again THANK YOU IM SOO EXCITED!! nd parcularly nervous…i messed up my knee joint that summer slamming into concrete from the vert at boneyard LOL

  2. test@test.com'
    SkaterGirl Team

    Lois – you’re totally right:

    A) this poster does about as much for girls skateboarding as deep fried Mars Bars do for dieting. It’s great they are organising this kind of event – but surely they could have designed a poster without a non-skater girl in high heels?!!

    B) the organisers advertisers definitely shouldn’t be using your name on anything without your permission. It’s worth having a word with “Dynamic Media Events” to stop it happening in the future.


  3. lois_shammers@hotmail.com'

    thanks for your support – i didint want to sound all “Diva-ish” but its abit out of order putting someones name to something to advertise it without asking them!

    hopefully the event will be better than the poster promises!

  4. jasonm@dynamicmediaevents.co.uk'
    Jason Mckenzie

    Ha this is amazing Rubicon actually got in contact with me to get help in how to do events-and get sponsors…amazing. And hes male….

    This is not a skateboard per se event its an event to get young girl involved in action sport. Skate, Inline, Bmx and get them together. We were told Lois was coming by her sponsor no so sorry about that lois but you are more than welcome to come and we will take your name off as a role to these girls that are coming.

    At Dynamic Media Events we put on this best events and ever sponsor person, pro that come loves it. I will send you all pics and videos..

    At least we try to bring the sport up Rubicon should follow suit and try put on better event….lol

    this is amazing…look forward to spring Break even bigger maybe lois we hire you to come to that…

    thanks any comment come to out website http://www.dynamicmediaevents.co.uk

  5. test@test.com'

    could be wrong but i think almost all the Rubicon team and instructors are male – but SkaterGirl is run by Lotta – and her contributors are almost always female from what i’ve read…

    not sure what the random Rubicon poke was about but seems a bit crazy since last Summer i saw them first host the Winchester Skate Jam, then sponsor the Girls Comp at NASS festival (wickid festival by the way – can’t wait for this year ;) ), then went on one of their skate camps – all within a few months – i love their events!!

    Spring Break sounds good though – what’s that about? competition demo?

  6. test@test.com'

    sweet vid… i’m from southampton, can’t believe i missed the winch jam last year, been to The Railway pub in winch though!! lol!!

    is there another one this year anyone no?

  7. test@test.com'

    am i on the wrong post or isn’t SkaterGirl promoting the Ladies Day event by simply writing about it? you cant get sketchy just cos not everyone likes yaw picture.

    Hey SkaterGirl, when’s the next competition give-away gonna be – haven’t had anything since December. mumma needs new shoes

  8. jasonm@dynamicmediaevent.co.uk'
    Jason Mckenzie

    lol. I was not taking a poke at Rubicon…it was just in good humour i love what rubicon are doing (no word of a lie) and these blog site and comment they amuse me.

    by the way everyone is welcomed to Ladies Day…its is all about girls being active in extreme sports, so we have got skaters-inliners-bmxers-street dancers-calm-pct- role models, sue smith(england footballer) Jenna Downing(no1 world champion inliner, rogue skate team, lois(not sure now lol) , gumball, funkstar girls and some special visitors…and an afterparty.. the flyer is not random the flyer rubicon have is the saucy flyer we have another flyer that went to all the school. this flyer is used to get people talking in forums and bloggs and get them inticed…lol

    SPRING BREAK is going to be sick and i will keep all those informed….peace.

  9. lucy11_11@hotmail.com'

    Can’t wait to see how this event sizes up! It’s a pretty wierd idea. I think i’m looking forawrd to it…it seems i enjoy driving the whole length of the country for events at the moment.

    War of the Roses ruled yesterday, too bad you missed it Lois.

  10. luoace2@gmail.com'
    Retro Jordan

    The new line is absolutely stunning! I have been so entertained by your blog, I didn’t even see the link to your things you do. Keep coming up with ideas. Thank you for sharing!

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