Ladies Skate Series UK Finals: Peaches ‘n Cream

The last in the Ladies Skate Series UK was held last month at Transition Extreme in Aberdeen.

Luckily it was the week before the mental snowfall that caused widespread chaos across the country so we narrowly escaped being stuck in Scotland, although a few more days at that amazing park wouldn’t have gone amiss!
The Aberdeen girlies just don’t know how lucky they’ve got it to have this as their local!

The competition went in 2 parts, the first consisting of 2 heats, with 8 girls going in to the finals; Helena, Georgie, Lucy, Lois, Myself, Emily, Dani & Jenna. Everyone had another 3 solo runs before the winners were announced.

There was a bit of racial confusion with the final results as the competition winner was dependent on the TOP 2 RESULTS from the overall series. New Zealand born Georgina Matthews actually scored the most points overall, but as the competition was a UK Series, the title was to be taken by default to the next highest score from a UK skater.

Helena and Lucy tied when it came to their two best scores, but as Helly scored just 50points ahead of Lucy in the second comp held in Manchester, the title of  Ladies Skate Series UK Champ 2010 went to the well deserved Helena Long.


The final Event also featured an Art Exhibition, with works from Helen Lovelee, Helena Long, Harriet Shepphard, Jenna Selby and Myself. Helen Lovelee also put on a griptape stencilling workshop for the kiddies. More photos and a write up from Helen to come soon!

You can find some PHOTOS of the event below, courtesy of Jenna Selby and also some FOOTAGE, filmed and edited by Alex Pasquini.

Lucy Adams also very kindly wrote us a few words about the awesome weekend:

“On Sat 20th November, Transition Extreme in Aberdeen played host to the final event in the Ladies Series UK, ‘Peaches and Cream’!! The park shut it’s door to the general public at 12pm, and for the next 4 hours serious femmi fun was to be had.

Over 25 girls attended on the day, and it was interesting to hear stories of epic megabus stints, early flights, and over night train rides from all those who turned out for the jam. The Ladies Series, was quite a late and unexpected succession of events and you can tell that it was held in such high regard, from the amount of effort that girls had made to travel and skate with like minded female friends….’If you build it, they will come’!

The heats began and the girls lapped up the chance to have such a rad park practically to themselves. Natalie, Heather, Lauren and some more of the Transition Extreme Monday night locals ripped it and showed how they’ve come on since the Girls only sessions have been established.
Aimee Fuller,
Roxy snowboarder was a surprise entrant, flowing around with some slope styles and newly learned skills.
Jenna Selby and Helen Lovelee had a break from shooting pics and painting and got in the mix, putting in consistence performances with some solid skating.
Danni Gallacher and Emily Russell demonstrated some smooth transition skills, Danni doing some legit stunts to fakie on man sized ramps and Emily sliding FS tails a significant distance before reverting out with Scottish style.
Lois Pendlebury and Dani Mellor flew about, both with ramp trickery, reverting moves and making good use of the park. Lois knocked out newly learned FS boardslides and Dani mastered the pivot fakie…stoked!

Helena Long, Lucy Adams (ha myself!), and Georgina Matthews finished 3rd, 2nd and 1st respectively and skated as hard as they could. Helena got tech and linked lines with flip rocks, nollie moves over the hip and boardslides down the rail. I tried using the jump box, as well as slipping a tucked knee indy transfer in, a feeble grind and some hip flips. Georgina from New Zealand got stuck in and showed us all how to get gnar. Boardslides on the big rail on lock down and fs air over the door gap to seal the deal. NZ baby!

I think it is evident that the level of female skateboarding is shooting up right now and girls you should be proud of yourselves for repping at these events and skating hard.

After prizes were awarded and Lavender Trust Raffle went down (FIX!!) 15 of us tried to get a table on a busy Sat night and Pizza and Pasta was on the menu for us starving skateboarders. Stories were shared and new friends were made, I couldn’t help noticing how many people were smiling all night!
Proper good vibes at the dinner table. After filling our boots in Ask, we were guided to a bar that was quite chilled and allowed us to carry on convos till way past my usual bed time! It was sick!

Mega props to Lois, Dani and Lauren for organising and establishing this Ladies Series 2010. Thanks also to all of the sponsors and host Skateparks who provided dollar, product and support, without your contribution these events could not have happened. I made some great new friends, had a right laugh with old ones, had a sick skate and can’t wait to do it all again next year!”

Summed everything up nicely Luce! Was an amazing weekend and i’d also like to say a MASSIVE thanks to everybody Lucy mentioned, and to Pas for keeping me company on the epic 24 hours we spent on the megabus that weekend!

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    Lauren Mac

    I’m currently in bed at the moment with flu and tonsillitis but this made me smile ear to ear!!!!
    Thanks so much for the write up Danni!! so stoked that you guys had a good time and I think Lucy summed up the whole event amazingly!!!
    Now that we have run it once we know how to improve so hopefully next year it will be even better for you guys!!
    so glad you liked the park! and your right, us monday night girls don’t know how lucky we are!
    It didn’t really sink in for a couple of days after what we managed to pull off!! I certainly have never sent that many e-mails or called that many people to the run up of the event! and like Lucy said it was so good to see everyone smiling and enjoying the bright lights of Aberdeen!
    I’m really shit with words and I hope the above displays how stoked I was to meet everyone and that how grateful I am for everyone getting involved!!
    Lauren x

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    Awesome write up, peaches n cream was a totally rad competition! So cool to see me 21st out of the whole comp on the results and my photo on this website! Stoked x

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