Ladies Skate Series UK

The ‘Ladies Skateboard Series UK’ will provide a platform to showcase the talents of the UK’s female skateboarders and award the overall winners with C A S H  P R I Z E S, whilst recognising the efforts and achievements of individuals through various award categories.

The ‘Ladies Skateboard Series UK’ will be comprised of three stages Corby (24th Oct), Manchester (6th Nov) and Aberdeen (20th Nov). Best two placings counting towards overall ranking.

The final event in the series will not only host skate contests and lessons but also an art workshop and exhibition  featuring work from Helen Lovelee, Sophie Allen, Harriet Sheppard, Danni Gallacher and Jenna Selby.
It will be followed by an awards ceremony and after party – with skate vids and live music.

Not only will it be loads of fun but also charitable as, through various activities, we will be raising money for the Lavender Trust; a breast cancer charity that supports younger women!

We are working on a new website,, which will be live ASAP and will have all the info for the events.
It will also feature interviews, photos and videos of British female skateboarders, and provide info on any events & contests that may be happening in the UK.

The Ladies Skateboard Series UK is a pivotal event that will really help promote and gain recognition for the girls skate scene in the UK.

Its success depends on you, please show your support by getting involved.

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