In the week of 7th July – 12th July it was once again time for „LADIEZ 1st“.

The Mellowpark Hostel was occupied by about 20 girls to visit as much of berlins in- and outdoorspots as possible. The Berlin Locals attended, but also Skatergirls from Potsdam, Dresden, Kiel, Prague and Switzerland.

Tony Hawk and Friends

We had miniramp sessions in the Mellowpark, till the power was cut and the lights went out, we enjoyed the Tony Hawk and Friends Show from the VIP area and ate pizza in front of the oversized flat screen, watching the soccer world championchips.


The weather was pretty good.. too good. So cool-offs in the nearby lakes where part of planning a successful day, before having lunch togehter and then again: skating, skating, skating in the street, park, bowl, hall – everywhere our bus went by.

Diana Hurricane

Unfortunatly the spontaneous streetskatesession, which was joined by Diana Kränsel & Kim Wibbelt, came to an quick end in hospital with three stitches and a suture across the hairdo.

Even the first „Ladiez 1st Challange“ took place, sponsored by Créme and Iriedaily. Winner od this little Skate Olympics, made up of a street run, the longest manual and highest hippiejump, was Madina from Berlin.

Madina Ollie
Lynn Ollie

On the last day, everbody gave everything again, for a bikini skate session at the Kulturforum, with 50/50s, ollies, kickflips and tres down the stairwaysets.
So, everyone was stoked.


Final stop was the skatehall Berlin, there was a theory lesson by us, for those who wanted or needed, after this the hall was took apart, followed by the farewell BBQ, saying „bye-bye Ladiez, see you next year!”

More information and pictures on: Goerls Skateteam

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