Ladiez First Skate Camp

Czech skater Caroline Dynybil hit up Berlin last week, checking out the Ladiez First girls skateboarding camp:

“The only thing you have to pay for joining that camp is the hostel, which is 10 Euros for five days, and for your own food, though the program of the camp is very interesting. We got to skate many spots and skateparks, I really got to see a lot of Berlin, (Berlin is famous for its spots) and did some creative stuff too, like graffiti. One of the highlights of those days was for sure the Tony Hawk Show and the N.E.R.D. concert after it, big thx to the Claudia Hahn and Iwo that they were able to organise VIP tickets for the show for all of us. The next day I went to the Bright Trade Show, thx to Michelle and Kathi from Nikita who managed to put my name on the list last minute. Later some spot skating with my fellow Nikita team rider Kim Wibbelt, in the evening a little bit of park skating with Candy Jacobs…I really had a great time at Ladiez First, skating loads with a couple of crazy girls from Germany, made new friends, met old ones…What more can you wish for!”

Source: Nikita

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