Lucia Susa Interview

Deeny at Girls Assault recently ran an interview with 15 year old skater Lucia Susa from Rosario, Argentina. Below is an English translation for you to enjoy.

Luci Tell us your age, where you come from and how long you are you …
I have 15 years, I am for a rosary and I’m skating for 4 years.

As we gave you skate?
I was 10 years and the accompanying my sister (Vir Sosa) who wanted to know “The Dome” Skate a little school in Rosario, younger sister and me as I re thousand methylated, and I started to walk, could not more! There he taught the Toad, Manteca and Tuni. Then shut down and I started to get together with some guys (Maurito, Lucas, Squirrel, Maxi, Whisker, John, a couple more ..) in North Park.

As an ideal session for you, where you like to walk in Rosario?
Some late afternoon with a perfect sky, Spain Park with the entire river view, music where the ships go, my friends and skate looong! The places where skating is in North Park, and now Spain Park it renewed, and has a perfect floor like the Backside!

I like to compete, which leaves you feeling?
I love, at first as most I have nerves, but there is always someone wave shaking and thrusting, I still crazy after the championships, catch me terrible cramps, I do shit, but I do not care. Bs As events are the best, Sebban me a lot!

What places would you like to know pa skate?
I would like to see Barcelona!

Video and favorite skater, Seben you?
I seba the VillaVillaCola (Getting Nowhere Faster). I like the style Vanessa Torres and Alison Nugget.

Your days without skating, as they are?
Sleep, sleep and sleep, I hear a lot of music on there lol or I’ll study with
a friend to the park, do not do much.

Rosario was one of the cities that grew over the past 7 years standard female skate, as you see, that would add or change?
Progress a lot, there was a time I was doing rehab for knees and when I returned I could not believe how many boys and girls began to walk. The girls who had already perfected the flip, trying to tests as varialflip or hardflip! I had left of his face. What it takes is a skatepark DONE and only for skaters hahaha. The Skateplaza we have already all broken and filled with bikers.

One piece of advice for a girl who wants to learn …
That skate all you can always have fun and good time on your skateboard, friends or no friends and you do not mind all the nonsense that people tell you! :)

Thanks for your time and let us know, now is up to you … thank, greet, etc …
Deeny Thanks to the little note at the photos and Videoman Maqui the part! Thanks to my Mother for always putting up and take me to events and all the kids with those who always skate! Hyenas Never Die! ”

Words by Deeny

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