Lucy Adams Wins Malmo Mini Ramp Comp

We are all about supporting the girls scene and helping skaters do more – so after Lucy took 2nd place in the girls comp at NASS09 and asked us if we could double her cash winnings to pay for a trip over to Malmo, Sweden to compete in their Mini Ramp Comp (part of the Ultra Bowl Jam) – we were like YEHH, no worries!!!

And what happened… she only went and won!!! Now that’s value for money!!!

This acheivement is pretty awesome, not just because she was fresh out of two comps (NASS and Pioneer), not just because she was tired from the travelling but especially because it took place on unknown ground. As we all know, a home advantage means alot – we all skate better at our local parks because we know all the best lines, we know where the bumps are etc. So hats off to Lucy…

Womens Mini Ramp Jam Results:
1. Lucy Adams UK
2. Emma LIndgen SWE
3. Kristina Westad NOR
4. Anne Nytun NOR
5. Vicky Malmgren SWE

(pictures coming soon from

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