NASS 2011 Girlzilla [Live Updates]


Questions about the girls skate event on Saturday, please call Greg on 07530 360 381.

Questions about the minibus from London on Friday, please call Lotta on 07969 972 492.

6th July: The final competitors list for the girls skate event is as follows:

1. Leticia Bufoni (Brazil)
2. Sophie Poppe (Belgium)
3. Lacey Baker (US)
4. Eliana Sosco (Brazil)
5. Jessica Florencio (Brazil)
6. Vanessa Uldriot (Switz)
7. Lois Pendlebury (UK)
8. Ayumi Watanabe (Japan)
9. Julia Wilshusen (Spain)
10. Lucy Adams (UK)
11. Georgie Winter (UK)
12. Asia Al Massari (US)
13. Villa Kula (US)
14. Maria Falbo (UK)
15. Kerri Dennis (UK)
16. Harriet Sheppard (UK)
17. Alexis Sablone (US)
18. Charlotte Thomas (UK)
19. Emma Richardson (UK)
20. Stef Nurding (UK)
21. Danni Gallacher (UK)
22. Charlotte Thatcher (UK)
23. Charlotte Twig Brennan (UK)
24. Clare Jones (UK)
25. Ellie Ford (UK)
26. Suzie Fownes (UK)
27. Samantha Bruce (UK)
28. Ester Perussi (Brazil)
29. Sophie Allen (UK)
30. Fran Stroud (UK)
31. Marta Nery (Portugal)
32. Rianne Evans (UK)

3rd July: The following people have places on the minibus from London Heathrow Airport:

Lotta Anulf,
Lacey Baker,
Ana Paula,
Eliana Sosco,
Jessica Florencio,
Leticia Bufoni,
Alexis Sablone,
Asia Al Massari,
Ester Perussi,
Georgie Winter,
Charlotte Thatcher,
Danni Gallacher,
Ayumi Watanabe,
Sophie Poppe,
Brazilian Guy travelling with Leticia


Coming back, the bus will depart NASS Festival at 3:45pm on Sunday.

26th June: Rider entry is now closed. We’ve got a phenomenal line-up. Details to be announced soon. The minibus from London is also now full.

20th June: Further confirmation that the actual Girlzilla skate comp will be going down at 8pm on the Saturday.

20th June: Just had confirmation that the ladies practice session in the pro street park will be at 9pm on the Friday.

19th June: More items added to the auction including a signed Chad Muska deck!!

8th June: Additional Street Spots at NASS competition announced for those who are interested.

18th May: Park design for the NASS 2011 Pro Street competition has been released. Looks amazing!!

17th May: Auction to raise money for the girls skate event has gone live with all kinds of shoes, clothes and perfume up for grabs. Get involved and show your support.

— original post below —

Here’s the one I’ve been waiting for: this Summer from the 8th to 10th July, NASS Festival hits the UK. This is Europe’s biggest action sports and music festival and the girls skateboard comp is a big feature of the weekend. Now in it’s 4th year, the Girlzilla skate comp sponsored by Rubicon is again part of the World Cup Skate series for girls and the prize purse is already up to £1000!!

The atmoshphere last year was just amazing with all the girls throwing down their very best in the specially designed park – and thousands of girls and guys making a ridiculous amount of noise in support! This year, the line-up is even better with the cream of UK, European and International riders: Vanessa Torres (US), Amy Caron (US), Lacey Baker (US), Eliana Sozco (BRAZIL), Jessica Florencio, Leticia Bufoni (BRAZIL), Jennifer Soto (US), Sophie Poppe (US), Julia Wilshusen (SPAIN), Lucy Adams (UK), Georgie Winter (UK), Helena Long (UK), Zoe Tyler, Maria Falbo, Kerri Dennis, Harriet Sheppard, Kira Tanner, Charlotte Thomas, Emma Richardson, Stef Nurding, Danni Gallacher, Charlotte Thatcher, Charlotte Twig Brennan, Clare Jones and Ellie Ford.

Any girl who enters will receive free entry to the festival for the full weekend – and be given a riders pass – which means VIP camping area, access to all the music and a good amount of free food and drink.

For those flying in, we will be putting on a free minibus from Heathrow on Friday 8th July at around mid-day. Contact us for details. There is still plenty of time to enter, so please get in touch – and we encourage everyone else to come and support and enjoy the rest of the weekend with all of us. Pencil the date into your diary now – this will definitely be a highlight to the Summer.

A special thanks to SkaterGirl author Danni too for her great work on designing the poster. She has also been in charge of organising the rider list, so if you would like to enter then just get in touch to find out details. We will also be releasing details very soon about the Girlzilla Auction that will be taking place over the next few months to raise more money for the ladies prize pot.

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    Hi Ellie – thanks for your question – there might be seperate “am” and “pro” sections to the skate comp depending on how many riders we have on the final list – and also how must time we are assigned by the NASS organisers. We’ll keep you posted. Thx.

  2. SkaterGirl

    Fair point Stef – it’s something we’ll have to talk to Rubicon about. Hopefully we can just have one big group split into rounds like we did last year, that worked really well, with the top two from each round going through to the final or something. Will keep you posted.

    Also the Auction is about to start soon – some amazing prices that everyone can bid for – whilst also supporting the girls skate scene.

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