Nikita’s 10 Year “Sideways Sistas”

Nikita is turning 10 years old nex year and to celebrate they are bringing out a super stylish 200 page coffee table book called ‘Sideways Sistas’ on girls who ride. It’s being designed by local (from Iceland) editor Thordis Claessen who also created Icepick, so expect a slick finish.

However the best bit is, that in addition to the pictures and articles from Nikita’s first decade, YOU are also asked to submit editorial ideas – so you’ve got until April 30 to submit pictures, photos, words, drawings or anything else you want to share with fellow female riders – and the shred industry as a whole.

Great opportunity to get your talent spotted.

Full Nikita Press Release and more picture montages below…

The project begins now and it begins here! The book will celebrate and portray the lifestyle of the Nikita girl; in photos, words, poems, graphics and art, or in any which way possible. The layout of the book will be in a scrapbook style, quite raw and graphic based, edited by an Icelandic girl. She has been a lifetime Nikita customer, snowboarder, skater, graphic designer and has already produced her own book, Icepick, about the Icelandic street art scene, that Nikita helped publish nearly two years ago. Her name is Thordis Claessen.

Along with stories, people and pictures from the depths of Nikita’s archives, Nikita would like to dedicate the rest of the content to all girls who ride. Grab the opportunity to tell your own story, what you love, what you do and what Nikita means to you. Any form of entry is acceptable – this will be a coffee table book to truly represent the Nikita girl, a book about her life and something hopefully all will want to be a part of.

The story of how Nikita came about and the brains behind it, Heida Birgisdottir, the founder and head designer of the company will also be included. “Nikita has a huge fan base and really values the comments, support and input we have received from girls spanning the globe who love what we do. This will be a chance for us to say thanks and celebrate the last 10 amazing years with them too.” – Heida

All Nikita related photos, stories, art, designs, poems, drawings, recipes or anything you have and think might be good for the book, please either e-mail to or send material to:

Sideway Sistas Project
Nikita HQ
Skipholt 25
105 Reykjavik

Check out Nikita rider’s past and present, including Natasa Zurek, Laura Hadar, Christel Thoresen, Heidi Birgisdottier, Lucy Adams, Izabelle Desjarins, Gabby Maiden, Izabelle Desjarins, Lisa Filzmoser, Mimi Knoop, Rafaele Deguehegny, MagalieDubois, Ana Rumiha, Vera Janssen and more in Nikita’s collage for inspiration: 

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    looks like it could be good.

    going from the pictures here and on the nikita site, it looks like it’s gonna be a bit more snow and surf focussed – so get your skate pictures in!! (i’m not good enuff)

    anyone heard how much it’s going to sell for?

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