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Van’s rider Lois Pendlebury has just returned from what sounded like an epic roadtrip around the skate spots of Europe. First off she went to Spain and skated the the parks, bowls and pools of Bilbao, chilled out on the beach’s and hanged out with Roxy Rider and Bilbao local Ianirie. UK rider Emma Richardson also accompanied Lois on this leg of the trip, but returned home from Barcelona, which was the second big stop on the itinerary and a skaters heaven. Lois spent most of the time in barca chillin, eating good food, enjoying good music and taking in the architecture. She did get a skate in at the fun, dog and babie lovin Sitges skatepark. Next stop was off to Sweden and a stay at the one and only Jocke Ollson’s house. They went off to Denmark, Copenhagen to skate at what was the describe a f**king huge vert – 14.5footer with 3ft vert, she didn’t have her vert board with her so skating it with little wheels and small trucks must of been an experience but she managed to get some bs50-50, smiths and bs ollies down – hopefully some photo’s will be on the way soon. From then most of the days where filled up with skating at stappelbaddsparten. The trip ended partying with Sarah and her Malmo crew at the Copenhagen Pro Contest, which was insane, with some of the best skaters (Getz, Berra, Miller etc) from around the going off. Who said being a skater doesn’t pay!!!
Author: She Rolls

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